Best Odds Slots

It seems that online slots players who are looking for the best odds can’t get enough of the new video slots that offer bonus rounds, you may trigger the free-spins feature or get awarded a pick’em style game. But most players tend to become disillusioned once they experience long periods of time without hitting these features.

So we have compiled the following quick glance guide to allow you to gain as much information on how often you should, on average get awarded these features and this should steer you towards those with the best odds of hitting them.

We have also listed the expected payout percentages of a range of popular online slot machines, which is based on both the reel layout and the paytable of that machine.

Just remember though, at all times you are at the mercy of the random number generator and of course Lady Luck, but by ensuring you are getting the slots with the best odds then at least you are giving yourself a fair shot of winning.

Free Spin Slots with better odds and payouts

There are a lot of cloned slot machines available from all the leading online casino software providers, as they like to release new slots all the time and by cloning an old favorite it means costs are kept low.

In terms of free-spin slots many offer the same payouts, the same number of free-spins (once triggered) and the same win multiplier amounts.

The only thing different is the slots theme. But some do have slightly different payouts which means you will get better odds by playing one over another.

The World Cup Mania slot from Microgaming is identical to the Mermaid Millions Slot, they both offer 10 free-spins at a multiplier of x3 and both offer a maximum of 15 pay-lines, and on average you will hit the bonus round every 124 spins.

So you really won’t get better odds by playing one instead of the other, but should you want better odds of hitting a free spin bonus round then you need to stop playing both and head over to the Moonshine slot that will on average award the feature every 75 spins.

Odds hitting the jackpot playing progressive slots

Working out the best odds when it comes to the top prize is a mammoth task, and online slot by their very nature are difficult to study, but some slots will give you better odds of hitting the jackpot than others.

Obviously there can be no way of knowing when they will drop the jackpot and this is what makes playing them so appealing.

So let’s now take a closer look at some of the more popular ones and bring you the odds of you hitting that magical jackpot.

The Tomb Raider slot from Microgaming is one of the most popular of all slot machines, it celebrates almost ten years of online existence and is still a must play slot to thousands of casino players.

The odds of you hitting the jackpot which is 5 wilds, is 1,218,559-1.

Microgamings Cashville slot will appeal to you if you want a sporting chance of hitting the jackpot, and the odds of doing so are 465,445-1, but you will have to be playing maximum pay-lines to be in with the best chance of doing so.

The Secret Admirer slot is one of the games that doesn’t drop its top prize very often and this is due in no small part to the odds of doing so being a whopping 6,097,777-1!

win playing online slots Tournaments

Best Odds – Slots Tournaments A new way that many players have latched onto and one that you can get some excellent returns by is playing in online slots tournaments.

For a small stake you can take your chance against several other players and due to the popularity of the tournaments you can win some healthy amounts.

Some tournaments have a maximum of 1000 entrants so this means the best odds of winning are 999-1 but some have much less players taking part often around five or ten. So you can see the attraction, if it is slots you like to play then get yourself in some five player tournaments.

They give you excellent value for money and with odds of 4 – 1 you stand a real chance of ending up a winner time and time again.

Some tournaments also have place money for the first few placed winners, thus giving you a small profit should you not make it to first position. If it is the best odds of playing slots online you are seeking then there can be no better way to win playing slots than via these tournaments.

slot bonus effect on slots payouts

Grabbing a share of all the bonus money that is on offer to slot machine players will give you the best odds of winning on the slots, it is common sense to note that by starting with a bankroll that is twice the amount you deposited will result in an extended session and will get you much close the that games expected payout percentage.

But make sure you do a little research and only play at better known online casinos, as some will offer you a massive bonus but will compensate for this by reducing the payouts on the slots!.

Another top tip to get the best odds on slots is once you start playing set yourself a ten spin limit, basically monitor your first ten spins and should you be getting small or regular wins during these spins then it is possible that machine is becoming looser, conversely should a machine be cold and not giving you anything during these first ten spins stop playing and give that slot a wide berth.

The final tip we can give you to get the best odds from playing slots is to make sure you are earning online casino comp points, every casino offers one type of loyalty program or another and by joining up and playing with real money you can increase the overall pay-back from playing slots, this will increase the slots payout percentage by a fraction of a percentage point.

This won’t guarantee you win but it will give you free money and we all like that!