Blackjack Games

As you will be aware all casino games are completely random and any event that has happened previously will not in any way affect any future game, so if you have just seen for example the number 36 spinning in on a roulette wheel then it is quite possible that that same number will appear on the next spin of the wheel, if a seven has been rolled in when playing Craps then it is quite possible that the next throw of the dice will result in a seven being thrown.

Blackjack however is a fairly unique game in as much as once a card has been dealt it is then removed from the game and therefore this is one of the only card games at which past events can affect the remaining part of the game, until such a time as the decks are shuffled and a new round of betting begins.

This means that the casino card game of Blackjack does have a memory in as much as it is possible to know what cards are still available in the deck and which are not based on you keeping track of which cards have been dealt and have been removed from play, does this mean it is possible to win when playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino? Well there have been many stories of players making a fortune by counting cards, this is when a player keeps a mental note of which cards have been removed from the deck and once the cards remaining in the shoe favour the player then by carefully increasing their wagers they can turn the house edge away from the casino to themselves and make profitable wagers.

With casinos using different game play rules which can and does result in them having different numbers of playing card decks in the shoe once a player arms themselves with this information they can put into play a card counting system, it should be noted we are not talking about a huge swing in the house edge, but even a small swing from the house to the player can, with a savvy betting structure, mean it is quite possible to turn in a profit once the cards remaining in the shoe favour the player.

However there is a major stumbling block for anyone wishing to count cards when playing at an online casino, and that is that the shoe is fully shuffled before a new hand is dealt out, whereas in a land based casino the dealer will happily keep on dealing the cards out until such a time as around a quarter of the total playing cards are left in the shoe, at which point they will play the current game and then shuffle the all the decks of cards, so if you have any ideas about counting cards when you are playing online then this is simply not possible.

Online Blackjack Winning Systems

Should you be looking to increase your chances of turning in a profit when playing Blackjack online then you need to arm yourself with plenty of knowledge regarding the different variants of the game that are available, some sites for example Zodiac Casino are powered by a software company called Microgaming, and they have a vast selection of Blackjack games, which include Atlantic City Blackjack, Bonus Blackjack and Vegas Downtown Blackjack to name a few.

However due to the game play rules attached to each different Blackjack game there can be a lot of difference in the house edge of each game offered and as such you should only ever play the game which offers the lowest house edge, doing anything else is simply a waste of money as this edge the casino has over you will quickly eat away at your bankroll should you be playing the wrong game.

The one game which we suggest you play, in fact highly recommend you play is the Classic Blackjack variant which boasts the smallest house edge of any Microgaming supplied Blackjack game, and this works out, when playing perfect strategy at a tiny 0.16%. This obviously will not guarantee a profit however with the addition of things such as comps and bonuses it is possible to reduce this house edge even more and therein lies the chance of you locking in a profit.

Playing perfect strategy is also paramount when you are playing any form of Blackjack and many casino software companies now offer players the ability to play their many Blackjack games via auto play and when the game effectively plays itself it is pre programmed to use perfect strategy, if this is not offered at the site you are playing at then strategy cards for each and every Blackjack game can be found online and this will ensure you will never make any costly mistakes when playing.

Other things to look out for and avoid are side bets and wagers which are offered as you play some types of Blackjack, the most common being when you are offered the Insurance wager, this bet should always be avoided for if you take it this will dramatically affect the overall house edge of the game and not in a good way!

Locking In a Profit Playing Blackjack

The one quality of any Blackjack player which makes them a savvy player is having the ability to know when to stop playing, and this could be when they have made a profit or have reached a certain threshold in regards to losses made during any one particular session, it can be very hard to get up and walk away from a Blackjack table either in a landbased casino or when playing online when you are winning, but knowing when to do just that can mean the difference between constant losses and regular winning sessions.

There is no set in stone rule or amount of cash you should have in mind as a winning goal when you play Blackjack as there are many factors that will come into play, but by using common sense whilst having a sensible staking plan coupled with a deep knowledge of how to play the variant of Blackjack you are playing and always having a winning amount in mind, no matter how modest it is, then you can often lock in a profit when playing this popular card game. So next time you sit down to play set some rules about when you will stop playing, whether that is when you are winning a certain amount or have reduced your bankroll due to a bad sequence of hands.