Canadian Online Casinos

There sure are a lot of things you can do in Canada, and it is one of the best places on the planet to visit. If however you live there and find yourself sat at home wishing you were in a casino playing your favourite casino games then you may have quite a journey to make to turn that wish into reality!

Canadian online casinos

However, if you have access to a computer you are of course going to come across a plethora of different casino sites, all of which give you plenty of casino games to play, some of which you will be familiar with and hundreds you will never have seen before.

This guide, as you may have realized from its title is all about what you should be looking for from any
Zodiac Casino gambling site you come across if you are a Canada based player.

With that in mind I would urge you to read it through completely in order for
you to have the best advise possible on how to make an informed decision on just which Canadian online casino is the perfect one to play at.

Candian Casino players prefer Gambling Online

As a Canadian online casino player you do of course have the option of signing up to and playing at any online casino site as a guest player, and when you set about doing so you will be able to play each casino game in a no risk way by using demo mode credits.

However, it is at the point in time that you then switch over to playing for real money that you will be putting that hard earned money of yours at risk, and you will not want to take any additional risks, other than the luck you will have playing your chosen casino games!

It is therefore extremely important that as part of your selection process for choosing a casino site at which to play at, you only ever pick out and play at casinos that have a full and valid gambling license.

Those sites will have had to prove their games are completely fair and random before being issued with their license and they will also be required to adhere to some very strict rules in regards to how they operate and run their casino sites too.

Online Casinos pay your winnings

Many Canada based player’s will make the mistake of playing at casino sites that may for example only permit them to fund their accounts using US Dollars, and that is something you should try and avoid doing for you will never want to see a percentage of your deposits being swallowed up with currency exchange rate fees!

The casinos that I have chosen to present to you throughout this website are designed in such a way players from many different countries are able to fund their accounts and then play in their own home currency.

However, they also give those players the ability of withdrawing their winnings both rapidly and in their own home currency too, whilst also being able to pick and utilize the most convenient method to withdraw their winnings too.

Therefore, you will be much better off and will save a whole lot of money when playing at casinos that do accept Canadian Dollars, and by making the decision of playing at those casinos listed upon this very website, you will never have to wait for any long and drawn out periods of time to get paid out your winnings either!

Best Canadian Online Casinos use Microgaming Gaming Platforms

It will of course be completely down to your choice of casino site as to whether you are going to have not only access to by far and away the biggest and best range of casino games, but also an impressive range of different features, option settings and easy to utilize banking interfaces too.

I have always found Microgaming’s different gaming platforms to be the very best ones to play at, and as a player based in Canada you will find plenty of casino sites that do use their gaming platforms.

You will have three choices in regards to how you can access a Canadian player friendly casino site that does use Microgaming software and their range of games, and the very first way is on any type of mobile device, as a casino app can be downloaded onto those devices.

In regard to playing casino games online you have the option of choosing an instant play web browser compatible gaming platform or you can download the entire suite of games onto your computer if you want to have access to every single Microgaming designed casino game.

Instant Access to Canadian Player Casino Support

As you have found out from above, the very best Canadian online casino sites that you can sign up to and then play the
complete range of Microgaming games and their gaming platforms too.

There are plenty of additional benefits of choosing to play at such a casino site, and those that I have chosen to present to you throughout this website all offer an around the clock customer support service which is always good to know.

Those support teams who are on duty night and day can be contacted in one of many different ways. Such as you sending them an email, or using the toll free numbers or even by you making use of and utilizing the instant chat feature found on the casinos website and from within the Microgaming software too.

By knowing that there is always going to be someone on hand at any time of the night of day if you run into any type of problems or have any questions is going to give you even more peace of mind and that in turn will lead you to have some completely hassle free gaming sessions.

How to make at deposit at any Online Casino Canada

Just keep in mind that as a player at any featured Canadian player friendly online casino that you see showcased upon this website, you are always going to be made very welcome as a new player, and you do have the ability of playing their range of games for free too.

But if you do wish to play for real money one thing you will find to your advantage is that each casino site has plenty of different payment methods on offer on their respective baking interface and as such you are always going to be able to pick a way of depositing money into your casino account that suits you the best.

All of the available Canadian player friendly banking options do of course allow you to fund your casino account balances using Canadian Dollars and many of them will never force you to pay any type of transaction fees or charges too.

Each of the payment methods are of course going to allow you to fund your account instantly and also in real time, and all of the bonuses that you will qualify for will also be added to your account instantly once you have claimed any of them too!

Fast and Efficient Canadian Online Casino Account Verification

To ensure that you will benefit from no limits being placed on your newly opened casino account, what you are going to have to do at some point, and the sooner the better, is send into the casinos site that you have chosen to play at some copies of your identification documents.

All licensed and properly run and operated casinos need to know their customers and they are who they say they are and that they are of the legal age to gamble in Canada too.

As such hen you do pick out any of our featured casino sites at which to play at make sure you then do get your account verified at the very easiest opportunity, ideally at the moment in time you have signed up as a new player at those casino sites.

By doing so you will then have no limits in regards to how much you can deposit into your casino account using any of that casino sites available deposit options and you will also not have any limits in regards to how much you can cash out and when either, so do get your account verified quickly and as soon as you can do is always my advice!

The Best New Casino Games

The games that you are going to be able to play online are of course every wide and varied and as the casino sites I have listed throughout this website and also the company that supplies the games to those casino sites have been around for many decades you are always going to find a very good mix and range of games at those casino sites!

But what I tend to advise all players to do is to always keep their options wide open in regards to the games they are going to play when they do log into any of our featured casino sites,

By doing so you will often come across quite a number of recently launched brand spanking new games which are bound to offer you a completely different type of gaming experience you will be used to.

So with that in mind if and when you do make the very wise decision of signing up to any of our featured casinos, always be prepared to play some of their new games for added fun and excitement and of course plenty of additional winning opportunities too!


Multiple Individual Casino Game Variants

When you do enjoy playing games such as Blackjack, Video Poker or even Slot Machines, what is going to give you a much more enjoyable and exciting game playing experience is when you have a range of different variants of those types of games on offer to you.

By playing at our featured and top rated Canadian online casino sites you are going to find lots of different slot game variants are available to you in each game category.

You will find for example you can play single hand games such as Blackjack or Video Poker and will also find there are multi hand and even progressive jackpot paying variants also on offer to you too.

However, if it is slot games that you love playing then you really have set aside plenty of time to play those slot machines at our featured casino sites for you are going to find simply hundreds of different ones waiting for you when you log into your casino account.

Just make sure that you do try and play lots of different games for that way you are never going to get bored or even tired of playing the same old games over and over again!

Built In Player Adjustable Option Settings

The way to have enjoyable online real money or for that matter free play casino game playing experiences is to make use of the many additional layer adjustable option settings that all of our featured casinos have on offer to their players.

As such and with that in mind what I would encourage you to do when you first log into any of those casino sites after having signed up as a new player, is to look through the games menu and select a few game you like the look of.

Then when you launch those games click onto the option settings button and spend a little bit of time playing around with those option settings, for when you do so you will find you can set the games to play in a way that you really do find appealing.

In fact, most of the game you will come across will also offer features such as an auto play setting and will also allow you to open up and play more than one game at a time, so you really are going to be in control of your own destiny when playing at those casino sites and how each game will also play too!

Easy to Claim and Fair Bonuses

It can often overwhelm most first time online casino real money players when they come across the huge number of different casino bonuses that are on offer to them at various different casino sites, for each bonus can be and often will be designed in a completely different way.

As such real money players who do wish to claim casino site bonus are forced to have to read through lots of terms and conditions and understand the ins and outs of every single bonus they are going to be able to claim.

However, those Canadian casino sites I have listed and presented to you throughout this website all have put into place some very easy to understand terms and conditions and bonus claiming and playing rules, and as such you will find those bonuses are easy to claim and never come with a huge number of unfair terms and conditions either.

Plus, if is always going to be up to you whiter you do claim any bonuses or not as they are never forced upon you and added to your casino account without your permission, so you can make use of them if you wish to not as the case may be!

Earn Valuable Comps as you Play

Playing for real money is going to see you being able to claim a sign up welcome bonus from any of my highly rated Microgaming software powered online casino sites, and then once you have made full use of those bonus offers you will then qualify for more than your fair share of high valued ongoing bonuses too.

However, there is also another way that you are going to get access to lots of additional playing credits and that is by simply earning them as you play any of those casino sites casino games in a real money playing environment.

Each of those top rated and highly recommended Canadian player friendly online casino sites has their own comp club scheme on offer, so when playing and no matter if you win or lose comp points are awarded to you as you play.

You then have full control over when and how you redeem those comp points and exchange them instantly for additional playing credits, and you never know when playing off your accumulated and redeemed comp points you could win big, and if you do those casino sites will of course pay you out your winnings rapidly and with no delays!

One Account for Each Casinos Multiple Gaming Platforms

By playing at any of my top rated casino sites that use the Microgaming softer platforms, one very handy feature that you may wish to make use of is on offer.

By simply signing up using any of their different software platforms, your log in details including your password and your username are then going to give you instant access to their other gaming platforms too.

No Canadian player is ever going to want to have to waste time signing up to use a different gaming platform on offer from any casino site they play at regularly, and by playing at those sites you will not have to do!

As such if you have been playing for example on their instant play gaming platform, but then need to go out on say a long car journey as a passenger, you can carry on playing by using your log in details to access the mobile gaming platform.

Your account balance will of course be available on each of their instant play, mobile and fully downloadable gaming platforms, so you can carry on playing when accessing another of their platforms from the moment in time that you finished playing on any of the other ones!

Multi Player Online Canadian Casino Games

Many players can be put off playing at an online casino site for they may be under the impression that when doing so they are not going to be able to fully interact with other players, which is of course something you are able to do when you play at a land based brick and mortar casino.

Well, believe it or not that is something that Microgaming have taken into account when designing their range of casino games, and all of those sites using their gaming platforms listed throughout this website have a range of multi player slot games on offer.

When you pay those games you are going to be able to interact by an onscreen chat room with other players sat around and playing the same multi player slot as you, so you will be able to meet new people and wish them luck as they are playing. Lookout for those multi player games as they really are worth playing!

Play Online for Real money at the great Canadian

One final thing that I just know many of you out there who have never actually played at a Canadian online casino will find of great interest is that you can of course set about signing up to such a site but not initially playing for real money but by using the free play options.

By doing so, if you select any of our featured Microgaming software powered sites, then you have the ability of adding an unlimited and endless supply of free play demo mode credit to your account balance.

That will of course allow you to put any single casino game or even several different casino games through their paces to see how they play and pay.

You will be able to play for low or high demo stakes, and by doing so you will see the games play as they would when in a real money playing environment but for free, as the games play to the same house edges and the same payout percentages no matter whether you choose to play them for free or for real money!