Cheating Slot Machines

There is somebody right now, this very minute somewhere in the world cheating a slot machine! Ever since their introduction there have been people devising ways to relieve them of their precious contents.

Some slot cheats will never get caught others have been found out and exposed, but one thing is for sure learning about how they managed to cheat the slots makes great reading.

So we will now take a look at some of the ways that slot cheats have managed to get one over on the casinos, some take great chances and risk getting found out at any moment, some however have reduced the risk of detection to almost zero.

Cheating Slots

By far the best way we ever heard of someone cheating slot machines was by them simply making the software that powers the machine respond to certain commands.

This was done by them having a contact in the slot machine manufacturers software development department, and they simply inserted a few lines of code that allowed anyone knowing what to do to win large wins whenever they wanted too!

They would insert this dodgy software into certain brand new machines, and would simply make a note of which casinos the machines were being dispatched too. They would then have several close friends or family members who would then travel to that casino and sit down and play.

By playing the slot a certain way the player would then be able to manipulate the machine into giving out large wins. To get the machine to do this they would simply insert a coin and tap out on the machines buttons a special sequence then hey presto in dropped a large win.

The software would then after this win click back into normal mode and would adjust its payout percentage over the course of future spins.

There would only be one real loser in this scam, and that was other players, who would endure long losing sessions as the machine works back to its pre-determined payout percentage.

The way the scamsters got caught in this scam was pure greed, once fraudsters know they can win huge amounts of money with no effort they will return to the scene of the crime, and ultimately it was their greed that led to their down fall.

Cheating with Fake Currency on landbased slot machines

To play a slot machines you either insert a real money coin, a token or a banknote, and several slot cheats know that one of the most vulnerable parts of the machine is the coin or note acceptor, and there are literally dozens of different ways of cheating at slots using this as a way of defrauding the slot.

One often tried way is to simply use counterfeit tokens or coins to obtain credits on the machines. The coin acceptor performs several checks on everything inserted into it, usually a thickness check, diameter check and material check which senses what the coin or token is made of.

It all parameters match those programmed into it then the coin or token is accepted. So it wasn’t long before someone went into mass production and made their own slot tokens. The man in question was a jeweller so had more experience than most in choosing the correct materials and having the ability to mass produce such fake tokens.

He would then travel to the casino and pour thousands of these home made coins into the machines, as they looked and felt like the real casinos’ slot machines tokens he got away with this for a very long time and make huge amounts of money.

As is usually the case however greed got the better of him, and instead of spreading the coins around different casinos he kept returning to the same one, and during an audit the casino discovered they had way more tokens than they should have and as such the investigation that led to his arrest began.

coinless slot machines

Most casinos are doing away with coins and tokens and as such you play only with banknotes. If you wish to cash-in your winnings the machine prints out a ticket complete with a bar code that allows you to either exchange them for cash at the cashiers booth or insert them into another slot via a note/ticket acceptor.

This enables casinos to do away with the time consuming coins aspect of running their operations, no hard counts, no coin changers and no need to constantly fill up machines with bulky coins. More importantly it does away with all potential coin and token fraud.

But as night follows day there have been several successful attempts to cheat slots using the ticketing system.

slot machine scam
It is often the simplest of frauds that is successful and one such player devised a scam when he sat there playing. He found the casino had floor walkers who would act as note and ticket changers, they would simply walk around the casino floor and split bills or cash-in tickets.

So he went over to one such person and cashed in a ticket for $100, the Lady took a $100 from her bag and exchanged his ticket for this bill then placed his ticket into the bag.

That seems a straight forward transaction, but he realized that once a ticket is cashed in it should then be read by a bar code reading machine which validates the ticket and clears it from the system.

The floor walker didn’t do this straight away she would only do it once she had run out of money and needed to be restocked with cash from the cashiers desk.

So was born this very simple yet effective scam. He enlisted the help of his wife and a couple of friends who sat down at several slot machines and fed them with notes, they then cashed-out the balance from each machine and then had tickets of various amounts, $700, $1200 and $600. They then made photocopies of these tickets and presented them to the Floorwalker, who exchanged them for cash.

They then inserted the real tickets into a ticket redemption machine and were swiftly paid out twice! It wasn’t until almost an hour later that the scam was exposed, in which time the fraudsters had long gone with a healthy profit.