Cosmo Casino

That casino whilst new is part of a much larger chain of casino sites that have been around for many years, so do not have any concerns about playing at Cosmo Casino, for they do have a very solid pedigree and thanks to their parent company are a casino all players can trust.

I have been waiting an absolute age for a brand best online casinos to come along that ticks all of the right boxes on my every growing checklist of wants and demand, but I am very pleased to announce I have found a casino that does so, and that is the very recently launched Cosmo Casino!

cosmo casino

To ensure everyone that may be looking for a new casino site at which to play at can find out whether this one is going to be suited to them personally, I have put together the following review of what I found when putting Cosmo Casino to the test when playing there recently.

One thing I look for and demand from all casino sites showcased upon this website is a full gambling license, and I also pay careful attention to the gaming platforms, range of games and also the payment options available too.

Therefore I openly invite everyone to read through this Cosmo Casino review, for based on my on experiences of play there they do offer everything a play could ever want or need from a casino site but they also offer a lot more besides, which does allow players to have a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

Cosmo Casino Welcome Bonus Offers

Now, there is something you will find interesting in regards to the sign up welcome bonus offer that all players can make use of when they do sign up to Cosmo Casino if they are a slot player.

For by making an initial deposit valued at just 10.00 in your own home currency, then for doing so Cosmo Casino will then credit you with a gigantic 150 spins on their Mega Moolah slot game.

As such you then have 150 chances of winning one of the four different progressive jackpots attached to that slot game, and if you do in the Mega Jackpot then you are going to become a millionaire, if not a multi millionaire!

So if you are a big fan of playing slot games and enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing ones that have huge jackpots up for grabs on them, then it could pay dividends hen making use of that initial sign up bonus offer!

However, once you have played off those initial 150 spins on that slot, you are going to then also instantly qualify for a second welcome bonus offer.

That second bonus is a 100%deposit match bonus and as such you can get plenty of extra play time, fun and excitement when you claim that deposit match bonus, and for more information on just how easy the bonuses are to claim and for the terms and conditions of each bonus simply pay a visit to the Cosmo Casino website.

High Stake Cosmo Casino Games

To have enjoyable gaming sessions and of course ones that can and may just produce some high winning payouts all players do need to be playing at a casino site that offers a very large range of different games, but games that are fair and random too.

Due to the simple fact that Cosmo Casino has made the decision of using the Microgaming range of games and their instant play and fully downloadable gaming platforms then every possible category of casino game will become available to players.

What I have also admired about Microgaming is that when they do launch any new games, and they have designed and launched hundreds of them over the years by the way, they design them with high payout percentages and very low house edges.

So there is no doubt in my mind that whichever games any player is seeking out and looking to play several different variants of them are always going to be just a click of a mouse away at Cosmo Casino.

The downloadable gaming platform is the one that most players then to make use of due to it having many more games available up on it, but the instant play gaming platform does in fact offer hundreds of games too, so there will be more than enough games on offer no matter which gaming platform is used.

All bonuses by the way that are on offer at this casino site are available on either the instant play Cosmo Casino gaming platform or via their downloadable one too!

Make Small or Large Deposits Instantly

Being such a new online casino site, if playing at Cosmo Casino is something you are tempted to do, then I would suggest initially you try out their games and different gaming platforms for free via the demo mode versions of those games.

Once fully confident that that games on offer are suitable then it is going to be an absolute breeze to make a deposit and also claim the sign up bonuses that are currently on offer to all players.

There is however the option for players to set their accounts to use their preferred currency, so make use of that option when signing up to the casino site.

As soon as you want to take your chances playing any of their huge rage of different casino games for real money simply click onto the banking button and that will then see the banking interface launching, and there are more than enough different ways you can always instantly fund your real money account.

If at any time you do experience a winning streak, and lets you hope you experience many of them, then just click onto the banking button again and select any of the payment options that are available and by doing so you can then withdraw your winnings quickly and will get those winnings paid out to you promptly too.

Cosmo Casino Games

Cosmo Casino wants every single one of their customers to have access to the type and range of casino games they love playing the most, and they have ensured that they do have a gigantic selection of different casino games on each of their gaming platforms.

One thing I could always encourage players to do when they sign up and then log into their account, either via the free play or real money version of the casino, is to spend a little bit of time looking through the games menu.

By doing so and taking a look at each of the unique variants of each game, there is no doubt in my mind layers are going to find some classic games, new games and plenty of casino games that they have never seen and may ever have played before.

Slot games, video poker games, card and table games and even scratchcard games are a simple click of a player’s mouse away and to ensure their gaming platform is fresh and up to date they also have lots of new games for players to play.

Some games also have an auto play setting so at any time during any playing session if a player wishes to set any game they are playing to play itself automatically then that is something that they are always going to be in a position to do very easily.

Play for Real Money at Cosmo Casino

By signing up to Cosmo Casino players are then going to have the option and ability of choosing just how much they wish to deposit and gamble on any single session they have when using the real money log in, so players are always in control of their own destiny when playing there.

It is also good to know that every single one of the hundreds of different game this casino site has on offer have all been tested before going live to ensure they are random fair and true and payout to their expected payout percentages and house edges too.

Players can at any time of the day or night also access their on real money gaming logs, so it is perfectly feasible and possible for a player to check just how much they won and lost on any gaming session and also find out what payout percentage they achieved on each gaming session too.

Being both a fully licensed and regulated casino site and one that is audited each month there are never going to be any doubts or worries expressed by players in regards to the fairness, randomness and the integrity of the games on offer.

Plus, with it also being possible to make use of the Cash Check audit facility, players can also keep track of any and all deposits made into their real money casino accounts and can also instantly see the process of all withdrawals made too!

Friendly and Fast Responding Cosmo Casino Support Team

Any questions that you may still have about Cosmo Casino will be answered in full and very quickly as soon as you contact the customer care team at Cosmo Casino and their support team are a very friendly bunch of people so dealing with them is always going to be a complete pleasure.

They are on hand morning noon and night and to make it as easy as possible for all players to get in touch with their team all a player needs to do is to either send them in an email, phone them up or even use the instant chat feature found on their website and also form within the gaming platforms too.

I have also discovered that when you have launched any of the numerous different casino games at Cosmo Casino, it is possible to then make use of a built in set of help files, in addition to any pay tables attached to the games being played.

As such if there every does come a time that anything found on any of their games is hard to understand or you are not sure about the way any of their games play or pay the simply make use of those help files.

However, as each of the non progressive jackpot games do of course have free play options available then anyone who wants to see how they play at no risk is very easily going to be able to do so.

Don’t Delay Try Cosmo Casino Today!

Please do consider signing up as soon as you possibly can do, for by doing so even if you are not good and ready to play for real money you can sample the sheer delights of playing any of their games for free, and that is going to be a fun thing to do when playing new game you have never played before.

But that sign up welcome bonus offer I did mentioned earlier really is going to be worth claiming, for the Mega Moolah slot does have four different jackpots on offer and any of them can be won at any time by players as they are all randomly awarded!

There is of course no requirement to have to claim any bonuses if you don’t want to but there are certainly going to be plenty of them available on an ongoing basis, and with some of the fairest terms and conditions attached to each of the Cosmo Casino bonus offers and promotional deals a big winning pay day could be achieved if you make use of them!

There are plenty of brand new casinos of course going live all of the time but when it comes to having a first class gaming session that is something I just know every single play who does sign up to and plays at Cosmo Casino is going to be having, no matter whether they are a low stake player or even playing for some high rolling stake amounts too!