Fixed Odds Betting Machines

If you wander into any high street bookmakers shop you will find several fixed odds betting terminals, or FOBT’s are they are better known. These have been the saviour of both independent and large company owned betting offices as they have not only increased the turnover of the shops but have also helped the shops bottom line profit and without them many betting shops would have closed years ago.

In fact since their introduction of these types of gaming machines several years ago the number of betting offices has actually increased, whether or not this is directly due to these roulette machines is open to debate but it is true to say whenever you walk into a bookies you will find people playing on them!

When they first came onto the scene there was no real regulation on them and a bookmaker could have as many of them as they wanted, in fact one or two sites opened up with nothing but fixed odds betting terminals in them, however it was later decided that the maximum number of these machines was to be capped at four per outlet.

Bookmaking firms quickly replaced all their fruit machines with these fixed odds betting terminals as not only could players play roulette and blackjack on them but they could also play several different slot games all from the one terminal.

The beauty of these machines is that they are all connect via broadband connections to a random number generator which ensures you are getting a fair game on them, you will of course hear moans and groans and players calling them fixed or rigged when they play them but when it comes to a fair and honest game that is exactly what you will get no matter when you play these kinds of machines as no one in the shop has access to the random number generator by law and as such they are placed well away from the betting shop in a secure central location.

The broadband connection also ensures that the operators of these machines can update the games available to play on them remotely, so if you ever see one of them updating then you know when springs back to life it will have a new collection of games on it, this updating is usually done overnight however as that ensures the machine has no downtime.

Did you know that online casinos such as Golden Tiger Casino operate their roulette games in a similar way, by using software driven games which are powered by a random number generator? So if you cannot make it down to your local bookies then why not give their roulette games a try online, they have several different variants available such as European Roulette, American Roulette and even a huge paying Progressive Roulette game.

Cheating Fixed Odds Roulette Machines

As with anything gambling related the bookmakers roulette machines are often targeted by villains, rogues and cheats, and the operators of these machines try and keep one step ahead of them, in fact they are constantly monitored remotely and should a machine appear to be performing not as it should then the control room can pick this up and alert the shop premises.

One of the most common way people have attempted and sometimes succeeded in ripping off these terminals is by staging an attack on the note validator, as this device can accept all notes from five pounds up to and including fifty pound notes you can see the attraction of ripping them off, and by attacking this note validator a scamster can amass several hundred pounds worth of credits in a few seconds and then simply print off a receipt for the fraudulent credits and cash them in at the cashiers window and be gone out of the shop before anyone knows what they have done.

These attacks were commonplace in the early days of these machines existence and this has led to the redesign of the cabinets to ensure that any form of tampering of the note validator is practically impossible, but no matter how hard an operator will try these are still vulnerable as are the coin slots.

Behind the counter in each betting shop is the main control computer for these machines and they tell the shop assistant exactly how much cash has been inserted into the machine and how much it has paid out, so auditing them is simple.

Many players believe that the machines are somehow rigged or fixed, however this is far from the truth as the machines adhere to UK Gambling laws and each event whether it be the spin of the roulette wheel or cards dealt out in blackjack are and must be completely random.

What players found out in the early days was that if you and another player pressed the spin button on the roulette game both at the same time, on different machines, the same number would spin in, and as such that proves the game is random as the random number generator will fire out random numbers constantly and requesting one via hitting the spin button on any machine at the same time no matter where in the country you are, will result in the same number coming up on these different machines.

Betting Shop Roulette Betting Systems

One thing you should be on the look out for and to avoid is anyone trying to sell you a betting system for playing these roulette machines, take it from us there is no such thing and all you will be doing should you be gullible enough to buy one is to be lining the pockets of someone who is selling you a useless system!

If you are playing one of these machines you will no doubt hear people telling you that if one certain number comes out then you should bet on this or that number, this is all mumbo jumbo as due to the simple fact of them being 100% random you cannot possibly predict what number or numbers will come out next.

In fact the machines now give you the top five hot numbers for the last 500 spins along with the cold numbers, those being the ones that have come out the least number of times in the previous five hundred spins, this information is completely useless to a player and the only value of having this information on display is to ensure anyone undecided on what number to play have some to choose from!

Probably the best way to play them is for you to start playing for low stakes and then if you get onto a winning streak slowly increase your stake levels, and should you hit anything decent then hit the print receipt button and cash in those winnings and walk out of the shop a winner, it is very easy to lose back what you have won by not stopping and cashing out!