Gamble Online

Its not difficult at all, even if you have limited computer skills or find that wading through the endless virtual stuff being a bit mind-numbing, when you do not know exactly what to do and with what. Here I will give you the answers to. How to gamble online. How do I get the games? Is it safe to download? Will my computer be able to handle it? What is a Flash or a Java casino?

gamble onlineFirst of you will need a computer which will be able to do the job. Fortunately, if your computer is less than 5 years old chances are that, it is more than capable for gambling online even if, it is an older model. Even though the online casino operators specify that as little internet modem bandwidth is sufficient, I think very few people still have such slow connections, but if you do, and you have a bit of patience, then it should do the job just fine. A faster DSL connection would be ideal though.

Minimum requirements to gamble online :

Buy yourself a decent top of the range Desktop computer or a laptop or even a Ipad depending on how much a savage player you are and which screen resolutions and how much of the graphics used by the games you want to have displayed

Download casino software : Now that you know your system can do the job, the next step is to get the right software. Almost all good online casino operators offer their software for free, that you can simply download and load onto your machine. The initial software download is most frequently reasonably small and will contain at least 5 games. Depending on the online casino you have chosen, you could have the option to download over 200 different games of your choice at a later stage individually, and you will not be forced to download the whole package, which can be quite large at times, once again, depending on how many casino games the online casino offers. Right! Now that you have the software downloaded. The process may not be exactly the same for all casino software but here is a description of how process is likely to go.

Locate the file you have downloaded, you will often find it on your desktop. Double click the downloaded file which will load the software, once loaded run it and click on CONNECT. You will then be prompted to register online. You can register to play for FREE or with REAL MONEY. To register you may be requested to enter your contact details. Once registration is complete, you will be given a player account number. You should make a note of your account number and password and keep them in a safe place, as you will need them to access the casino each time you wish to play.

Note You should never have to pay for a software download, and I would suspect that it’s the first sign of a scam in progress. Be sure to read the “How to gamble online” or “Getting Started” section on the online casino.

Software Platforms You will come across different software platforms. In other words, the methods of accessing the casino games will come in three major forms. 1. Downloadable 2. Flash 3. Java. They all do basically the same thing and your choice will depend on your available bandwidth or how quickly you will want to get started on your favorite game.

For example, you can quickly download the basic Flash package of between 3 an 8MB which consists of the basic games such a blackjack, roulette, slots and video poker. If you want to move onto games not in the basic download you can simply click on the choices available and you can systematically download games you want. This is often a lot more convenient than doing the complete download of 200 games, if you only intend to play one or two. The Java platform needs no download and you can play the games right there in your browser. Although the Java platforms are very convenient it has its drawback being the graphic quality and sometimes tends to be a bit less smooth.

I will leave it up to you to decide which format best suits their needs. Most casinos offer at least two options to their players, allowing you to decide for yourself which you prefer. JAVA or Flash formats tend to offer better flexibility because, they provide you with the option to quickly check out the games, requiring little or no download. However you may prefer the stability of downloading the entire software package onto your system because of the better graphics and I think, its more trustworthy.

HAVE FUN and GOOD LUCK! Be sure to check out the other links on this site for more, How to Gamble online info.