Gambling Addiction

Gambling is fun and exciting that’s why a lot of people like to gamble. The boost on self-esteem when winning a hand and the feeling of being lucky are definitely enough to make some of us have this feeling of natural high. However, those who think that they are lucky or that they’re good at gambling and can beat the system are actually the ones who often get trapped in the pit-falls of gambling.

online gambling addiction

What these gamblers think is when they lose, it was just a mistake or just due to unlucky cards. And what’s worse, they spend time chasing their losses in the hopes of gaining everything back. What they don’t know is chasing their losses is what makes a lot of people lose control and become a compulsive gambler.

Instead of just letting it go and accepting the loss, the one who is on his way to becoming addicted to gambling would say, “I’ll get even tomorrow.” They tend to gamble more than what they can afford, hoping to get back what they have lost, only to lose more in the end.

A lot of gamblers may chase their losses for a short period of them then give up when the realization hits them that the chase is futile. However, there are those who do it for long periods of time, and this long-term pre-occupation defines the characteristics of the pathological gambler.

Compulsive gamblers lose their self-esteem when they lose, and they think that getting back what they’ve lost would bring their self-esteem back. Eventually, they would be dependent on this process and would not be able to control their compulsion, and that’s when they become slaves to the urges of gambling.

It’s just a matter of time before they gamble their life savings, their kid’s college funds, their car and anything that could be used for wagering. These people refuse to acknowledge their dependence on gambling and think that they are perfectly fine. However, their family members suffer as well since some gamblers would do anything to fulfill their gambling desires even if it means borrowing from friends or selling the house. Being a compulsive gambler is difficult since the possibility of losing everything is high.

If you think you have an uncontrollable urge to gamble then tell a family member or a loved one and seek help.