Golden Tiger Casino

I do want everyone to fully understand why Golden Tiger Casino is one of my very highest rated online casino sites, and that is why I have compiled the following informative review.

The Golden Tiger Mobile Casino has been around for many years and whilst they have faced some very stiff competition from other casino sites in grades to increasing their player base and keeping their players loyal, that is something that they have very easily managed to achieve.

golden tiger casino

It s of course very true to say that many online casino sites all tend to use the same gaming platforms and have chosen to use the same casino game suppliers too.

However, there is no getting away from the fact that it is the added extras and benefits of playing at some casino sites that make them more popular with players than other best online casinos.

It is down to the fact that the management team at Golden Tiger Casino are very player focused, and as such every single aspect and part of their casino has been designed with players in mind and gives their players an unrivalled gaming experience.

Please spend as much time as you like reading through this review, but also take a good look over their website too, for that ay everyone can see for themselves just what a first class casino site it is, and by taking a look over their website players can also find the details of their new player sign up bonus offer and the ongoing promotional deals too!

Golden Tiger Sign up Bonus Offer

It is always going to be a casino sites sign up welcome bonus that will give an indication of just how generous a casino is going to be to their players, and there really is a lot to like about the five stage bonus available to players at Golden Tiger Casino

Players can instantly double the value of their very first deposit, for a 100% deposit match bonus is up for grabs on which a total of 100.00 in bonus credits can be claimed.

Moving onto the second deposit match bonus all players can make full use of and claim, that is a 20% one and a total of a huge 300.00 can be claimed when utilizing it. The third deposit match bonus allows players to claim in total from it an additional 500.00 via a 50% deposit match offer.

By making a fourth deposit up to 500.00 is available via a 30% deposit match bonus and by making one finial fifth deposit a player can then claim a 100% deposit mach bonus worth up to 100.00.

Each of those bonuses can be claimed in one of several different currencies, and as such when you sign up as a new player do make sure you select your home currency as the one that is going to be in play on your casino account, as that way you can deposit and play and claim all bonuses in your preferred and the most convenient currency to you.

Download or Instant Golden Tiger Play Gaming Platform

As a player at Golden Tiger Casino you have two stunning and state of the art gaming platforms that can be made use of, and whichever one you initially utilize when signing up as a new player will then see the log in details and your password giving you full and unrestricted access to the other one.

The instant play gaming platform is worth checking out and making use of, for it is going to allow all players to be able to play on any computer they have access to without having to wait for the gaming platform to download.

The downloadable gaming platform however is one I personally tend to use, for when accessing it there are many additional games that are not available on the instant play platform.

However, at the end of the day it will be down to your own personal preferences just which platform you make use of, but no matter which one you choose the same bonus offers and the same comp club scheme will be on offer to you, so players never miss out on getting all of the additional extras on offer!

The games in case you are wondering have all been designed and supplied by Microgaming, so no matter what games interest and excite you the most there always are more than enough of them for you to get stuck into playing, and you can of course play for free or play those games for real money too.

Reliable Golden Tiger Casino Payment Options

Let me now move onto probably one of the most important aspects of becoming a player at Golden Tiger Casino and that is indeed their banking interface.

Now, be aware that no matter which of the gaming platforms players decide to make use of as a player at this top rated online casino site, they do have the exact same banking options available to them, all via a highly secure yet simple to use banking interface.

All transactions performed on that banking interface are processed in real time, so when making any value of deposit players can expect to see their funds appearing in their account rapidly and with no delays once it has been approved.

Withdrawal options are also very high in number and as such there are always going to be more than enough ways that any winning player can withdraw their winnings, and as one of our featured online casino sites Golden Tiger Casino is of course a very fast paying casino too.

Do please spend a little bit of time selecting the ideal and perfect payment option that you may wish to use.

There  are more than enough of them on offer and by selecting one with no additional fees then players will never see the value of their deposits being reduced in vale by fees and charges, and do not forget bonuses are instantly credited to your Golden Tiger Casino account once you have claimed them and made any required deposit!

Golden Tiger High Roller Casino

There is no need to spend a penny as a player at Golden Tiger Casino, for each of their non progressive jackpot paying games are available to players via free play options of those games, so they can be put through their paces by any player at any time for free.

However, the only chance of winning big is of course by playing their range of games in a real money playing environment, and make no mistake about it, there are going to be hundreds of different games to get stuck into playing.

The games being designed by Microgaming are of course multi stake games so for a relatively low stake there can be some huge winnings to be made, but higher stake players can also configure those games to play for high stakes and could win even more money too!

But even with hundreds of different games on offer, no player will want to have access to old games and may be looking for some brand new ones to get stuck into playing, and there are around two to four new games going live on all of the Golden Tiger Casino gaming platforms each month.

Make sure that a large range of different games are played on any gaming session you choose to have at this casino site, for you never know just which game is going to bang out its jackpot until you play them of course!

Certified Golden Tiger Casino Games rated Fair and Random

Every single casino game provided by Microgaming to Golden Tiger Casino has gone through a huge number of checks to ensure that they are fair and random before they made their way onto their gaming platforms.

However, to ensure that players know those games are always working and paying out exactly as they have been deigned to do, each month the entire set of real money gaming logs from Golden Tiger Casino are audited by an independent third party.

It is also the random number generators that decide and determine the outcome of every single game that are tested and certified as being random too, so there is never any doubts fair games are that players will always be playing there.

In fact, at any time a player is able to check their own set of real money gaming logs too and to be able to do so they simply need to make use of the Play Check self audit facility, ad by doing so the results of each single game they played during any single session will be displayed on their screen.

So for complete peace of mind and the certainty that you could win big hen playing casino games for real money, it will be a wise decision to play at this casino, for no matter which games you play you will know they are complete fair and random and could pay out their jackpots at any time too!

Golden Tiger Casino Player Support

Now the chances of you running into any problems when playing any of the hundreds upon hundreds of different Microgaming designed casino games and the many additional unique and novelty types of games that are on offer at Golden Tiger Casino are very small if not negligible, but it is always good to know they have a fully manned support centre that is open every hour of the day.

Players can drop them an email if they do have any questions or can even utilize their instant chat service of give them a bell on the telephone, and any and all questions are guaranteed to be answered promptly and in full too.

Not only that but to allow those players who are interested in learning more about any games that they may never have played before or any of the many new games that this casino site always has on offer the pay tables are worth reading through.

On top of those pay tables each casino games has its own set of hole files that are another way for all players to get to understand the much finer details of how each game has been designed t play or pay, so at no time will players be in a position where they are not going to find the answers in regards to any aspect of this casino or how any of their games work and operate either!

Go On Give Golden Tiger Casino a Try!

As you have just found out there are many unique reasons why playing at Golden Tiger Casino is going to be an enjoyable thing to do and with plenty of promotional offers and with players always having the chance of winning big it could be a profitable gaming experience players have if they do sign up to this casino!

To ensure that everyone does not miss out on that generous sign up bonus package I told you about if this is looking like a casino site that appeals to you personally then the sooner you register as one of their new players the sooner you are going to qualify for that sign up welcome bonus package!

Do try and give some of their new casino game some play time, and also keep in mind that no matter whether you play any of their new games or any of their old games, comp points are going to be added to your comp club account.

Those comp points do have some high values associated with them for at any time of your own choosing you can have them turned into playing credits.

As those free play games are also accessible at any time even if you are not ready to play for real money you can always set about playing as many different games that appeal to you as you like for free and with no risks attached, so consider doing just that when you have some spare time available.