High Roller Casino Slots

If you have ever visited a bricks and mortar land based casino you will no doubt have passed by a discreetly separated area of the high roller casino player floor which is home to some of the most expensive slot machines to play in the entire casino.

This area is known as the High Roller Slots area and this is where the big spenders tend to hang out. You can find slots that can cost $100, $500 or even $1000 per spin, so it is not a place for the faint hearted.

Every High Roller slots area has its own casino host whose job it is to make sure you not only enjoy yourself whilst playing these slots but also to give you the comps your gaming action rightly deserves, this can be free meals, free rooms and even free flights to and from the casino.

One myth about the High Roller slots is that they have very low payout percentages, the opposite is more often the case. By giving players of these slot machines some of the highest payout percentages of any slots found on the casino floor the casino can ensure players get a good slot session and a reasonable chance of a big win.

High Roller Slot machine spins

The beauty of playing slot machines online is that you can not only play from the comfort of your own home but you can also choose at what stake level to play at. You can play from pennies per spin or hundreds of dollars per spin.

Email from the casino management when a player hit the jackpot (won $7200 with just a minimum deposit of $17, congrats to the winner!) : I
have taken a look at the player and indeed they did get very lucky to win so much off such a small deposit. The game they played was Break da Bank Again, which is the 5 reel video slot version of the original 3 reel slot called Break da Bank. In my experience this game is extremely volatile, it normally pays out minimally and winning combinations are hard to hit, but when it does hit it pays out huge.

Even low rollers can become high rollers, as most online casino players will raise the stakes of each spin should they have experienced a winning session, and it’s amazing, how without really knowing it you have upped your cost per spin into High Roller territory.

But it does take a brave player to begin an online slot session with the sole intention of playing as a high roller. Your bankroll will play a major part and you will have to set yourself a maximum cost per spin as by not doing so you won’t get anywhere playing $100 a spin with a starting balance of say $400!

If you decide a high rolling session is what you are after we have a few hints and tips to ensure you get the best game-play and maximum value out of your budget, so let’s see what advice we can offer.

High Roller bankroll slots betting slots strategy

Your bankroll dictates at all times how much you should be playing per spin a good bench mark figure is for every $100 you should play at $1 per spin, so if you have $500 then $5 per spin is reasonable or should you be holding $10,000 then $100 per spin is adequate.

High Roller Slots comps

Ensure you are a member of the casino’s comp club before you start playing, if you are in a landbased venue then insert your card into the machine before you start to play, if online check up with the online casinos’ support team to make sure you are earning comp points and a member of their loyalty program.

Paytable – This is a major feature, you should be looking for before you start to play.

Most bricks and mortar casino High Roller slots areas display the expected payout percentages of their slots, so pick one that is as close to 100% as possible. This will ensure you stand a real chance of winning something, by picking lower paying slots you make as well toss your money out of the window!

High Roller limit losses on playing Slots games

Loss Limit – Set yourself a stop limit, this is an amount that once reached means you must stop playing and move on. You should also in your head, set yourself a minimum win amount and should during your slot session you reach this amount then stop playing and call it a day. It is better to end a session a winner than a loser.

High Roller Casino Bonus

If you are eager to give these high roller casino sitess a go then we have tracked down some of the better slots that can be played online and offer you the best features, payouts and of course you will be earning comps on every spin of the reels.

The first slot you should take a look at is Microgamings Isis, this is a multi-payline slot that can be played with high roller stakes and one that can be very volatile by way of its randomly triggered 30 free spins at 6x multiplier. Should you hit the feature when playing at high stakes you stand a very good chance of winning a life changing sum of money.

Cashapillar Slot maximum stakes per spin

Another slot we think is worthy of your closest attention is the Cash-a-Pillar slot. This is a brand new slot available on the Microgaming software platform and can be played at a maximum stakes of $20 per spin. It has an amazing 100 pay-lines and has “stacked wilds” which means that you can get wild symbols covering the entire screen, should you do so you will win a mind boggling 6 million coins!

The slot also has a free spins bonus round that can be re-triggered to add too the excitement. We like this slot a lot and for a high rollers we think it is one of the best online.

For those of you seeking a fast paying, not overly complicated online slot machine then the Break the Bank slot from Microgaming takes the crown as the best high rollers slot. It has just 3 reels and 5 paylines and can be played at upto $25 per line resulting in a max line max coin spin of $125.

The slot plays fast and furious and is set to return good payouts, so a steady stream of wins is guaranteed, but of course it is the top prize you want to be aiming for, so let’s hope Lady Luck is smiling on you when you play this slot.

Slot Machine Options High Rollers

Every single high rolling slot player is going to have their own types of slot games that they find much more appealing to play, and it is worth us pointing out that there is something known as variance that is going to give you several different types of slot playing session when you are logged into any casino site and are playing their slots for higher than average stake levels.

Which Slot Variance Options for High Rolling Slot Players are the best to choose from ?

Slot variance is the name given for the way any slot game has been designed to payout, and the three types of slot variance are Low, Mid and High, and we would advise you to read through the following guide to slot variance as it will enlighten you on the different ways slot games have been designed, and should enable you to easily spot the exact type of slot machine you wish to play online.

Low Variance Slots – If you do not wish to take too many risks when playing online slot games in a high rolling way, then you should be looking for slot games to play that are categorised as low variance slots. These types of online slot machines have been deigned to spin in many lower valued winning combinations per session you play on them.

This ensures you get plenty of value from your bankroll and can have a decent length of time playing any low variance high rolling slot games however you are unlikely to be able to win huge amounts of cash when playing a low variance slot!

Mid Variance Slots – A mid variance type of slot game is one on which you will have the chance of winning some reasonable amounts of cash whilst at the same time should get quite a number of lower valued winning combinations spinning in during any one single slot playing session.

You will find low variance high rolling slots offer several different types of bonus games and bonus features if they are video slot game, or a midsized jackpot will be on offer on the pay table if those slots are the older types of 3 reel slot games.

Many high rolling slot players prefer playing any online slot game for the maximum rewards and as such if you do wish to ply them in this way you are best off either playing mid variance slots of which there are no shortages of online, or you may be interested in playing the very high risk high variance slot games of which you will find a description of below.

High Variance Slots – You will need to be prepared to compromise on the actual number of winning combinations that you spin in when you are playing a high variance slot game, for due to the way these slots have been designed you are going to find that when playing them, at any point in your slot playing sessions, some mega sized winning payouts can be spun in, however this is due to these kinds of slots being designed to spin in fewer low valued winning payouts.

The easiest way to spot a high variance slot is to look for slots which have huge valued Wild Multiplier symbols attached to their reels or have high valued free spins multiplier attached to the payouts achieved during a free spins bonus round feature. Be warned though high variance slots are very high risk slots to play, but when playing them in a high rolling fashion the rewards are there for the taking

If you are ever unsure as to how any slot game has been designed by its variance, then do ask the casino support staff and they will usually be able to point you in the right direction in regards to which slots have a variance you are looking for!

Best High Roller Slots Online

It is often down to luck and luck alone in regards to which slot games and slot machines you play when you log into any casino site and start to play those games for very high stakes, as all online slots are by their design completely random and fair, you are never going to be able to instantly pinpoint which slot games that you ought to be playing to guarantee a winning slot playing session!

Which are the Best Slots for High Rollers?

However there are a few tips and pointers then we can pass on to you which may make picking and selecting a high rolling slot game to play somewhat easier to do! If you are playing at a Microgaming software powered online casino site for example you will find that each slot game available has a Jackpot Thermometer attached to it.

This Jackpot Thermometer is a very handy tool for a savvy high rolling slot player as by looking at it you can instantly tell whether any other slot playing has won the jackpot on that slot in the very recent past, and if not then that could be an indication of whether that slot is likely to payout soon and may be worth you giving that slot game some playtime!

Also if you are more interested in playing progressive slot games as a high rolling player, then the best time to get stuck into playing any of the available progressive slot machines at the casino you are playing at is when the current jackpot level is higher than the one at which the jackpot is usually won on that slot machines.

You will find plenty of websites online that list when a progressive jackpot has been won on any slot game, and by utilizing the information on those websites you can instantly work out or see the average jackpot amounts won, and should a slot games progressive jackpot be over the amount that it is usually won then that could be a sign it is worth playing for its progressive jackpot is overdue and may payout very soon!

You will also decide just how risk adverse you are when you are playing online slot games in a high rolling way, for there are three main types of slots available, those being low, mid and high variance slots and when playing nay of them you will find the chances of winning are different on each slot game.

We do have a section of our website that explains in quite a detailed type of way the different types of slot variance you will come across and as such we would suggest you checkout that article as it will enlighten you on the different way any online slot games award their winning payouts!

If you want a boom or bust type of online slot playing session when you are high rolling then it is often the case that by playing the Classic High Rolling slot online then you will soon know your fate, for these types of slot games do not come with bonus games or bonus features and as such you are not playing slot which set aside a small or large proportion of you stake money which is awarded when the bonus games finally trigger!

It can often be the case when playing the bonus video slot machines that a bonus game does not trigger for a very long time and that can cost you a large amount of your available bankroll and when that bonus game does trigger it may not pay out as much s you were hoping it would!

High Rollers Slot Game Features

There are several different features that are attached to some online slot games which makes the base game of that slot highly appealing to a high rolling slot player, and in this article we are going to take a look at some of the bonus features, so you are going to be able to look around and see which slot games offer them at any casino you choose to play at!

Question : What Features Define a Great Playing High Roller Slot Game?

Wild Multipliers – One type of special feature that will make a slot into a potentially high paying and great slot game to play for high rollers is something known as a Wild Multiplier symbol. Most Wild symbols simply stand in for other reel symbols but when one of these Wild Multipliers spins in then it can and will boost the values of any winning combinations it helps to form.

Wild Reel Bonus Games – We have seen a sharp increase in the number of slot games available online which has a wild Reel based bonus game, these bonus games are usually awarded completely at random.

However when a player does get awarded one of them then up to five reels will eventually turn Wild as that one spin in playing out, and when you are high rolling the one winning combination you dream of spinning in is a screen full of Wild symbols, which is what this bonus game can and does occasionally award which makes it a stand out feature on any kind of high rolling slot game and one you should be looking out for!

High Payout Percentage – The one thing any slot player who enjoys playing for higher than average stake levels should be taking note of and looking out for is the actual payout percentage any online slot game has been designed to payout to players over the long term operation of that particular machine.

You really do need to be only plying slot games boasting the very highest payout percentages and by high we mean in the 97, 98 or 99 percentage ranges, do not think there are not that many choices of slot games offering payout percentage that high, by taking a good look through the slot games available to play at any of our listed online casino sites you will find plenty of slot games boasting payout percentage that high!

Random Awarded Jackpots – There are many of the new online slot machines which come with one or more progressive jackpots which are randomly awarded to players, however these types of progressive jackpot awarding slot machines are often perfect and great playing ones for high rolling slot players due to the way those randomly awarded progressive jackpots work.

The one thing to remember when playing such a progressive slot that the actual amount you are wagering on each spin you put into play will have an effect on just how likely you are to be awarded one of those progressive jackpots, you could describe it like a raffle and the more tickets or in this case stakes you have, the better the chances of winning one of the jackpots becomes.

So if you are looking for a great playing slot game to play for high stakes then do consider giving some of those slots offering random progressive jackpots for by playing them for higher stake levels you will have a much better and enhanced chance of winning one or more of the available progressive jackpots down solely to the amount of cash you are wagering on each sin of the reels you decide to play!

High Roller Progressive Casino Jackpots

You are going to be taking quite a few risks if you opt to play any online progressive slot games as a high roller casino player.

The reason for us saying this is that due to a certain percentage of each of your high rolling slot spins stakes going to feed the network wide progressive jackpot pool you will possibly not get the benefit of playing for high stakes unless you actually win the progressive jackpot attached to the slot game you are playing!

Due to that progressive jackpot pool contribution your base game progressive slot playing is going to be with a much lower pay out percentages as opposed to playing standard casino slots, and as such it may be best to avoid playing any type of progressive slot as a high rolling unless the thrill of playing them and the potential massive payday if you win the progressive jackpot is too much to ignore!

Pros and Cons of Playing Progressive Slots as a High Roller

We will not give you a brief round up on the pros and cons of playing online progressive slot games a as high roller, this will allow you to make up your own mind as to whether this is something you wish to do or not to do as the case may be!

Random Jackpot Hit Frequency – One type of progressive slot game that we may think is worth of you play for high stake levels are those progressive slots which award their jackpots at random, these types of slots are perfect for high rollers as the higher the amount you wager on each spin the better your chances of winning the jackpot becomes, and as such more high rollers win these progressive jackpots than low rollers do!

Stand Alone Progressive Slots – If you are worried or concerned that when you are playing network wide progressive games which all share on jackpot pool that your high valued slot spins and jackpot contribution are going to be won be another player then why not give some of the stand alone progressive jackpots slots a try.

These types of slot games come with a progressive jackpot, but they are only available to be won on one slot game and as such it is the player playing that slot that is feeding the jackpot pool and the only person who can ever win that jackpot is the one person playing it at any time.

By playing standalone progressive slots as a high rolling slot player you will never run the risk of adding a huge amount to the jackpot pool and then see a low rolling player winning the jackpot which you have made huge contributions too for a tiny staked amount!

Play When Overdue – If you do decide to play progressive slot games as a high rolling slot machine player then the very best time you can play them to have an increased and enhanced chance of actually walking away with the jackpot pay-out is when the slots jackpots is overdue.

By carefully monitoring just how much each online progressive game in the casino at which you are playing at has in the jackpot pool, then by also finding out when on average the pay-out amount was when any one player previously won the jackpot, then by only ever playing the slot machines whose jackpots far exceed their usual pay out amount when awarding their progressive jackpot you will have a better chances of winning it as that jackpot will be overdue and may be about to be won by a player.

Fruit Machine Slots Play High Stakes

There is one type of slot game that you will find appearing at a lot of online casino sites that are like nothing you have seen before, and these are the Fruit Machines, which has been designed to replicate the types of slots found in many licensed land based venues in the UK.

Can Fruit Machine Slots be played for High Stakes?

The one main appealing aspect of these types of online slots games is that they offer play structures that are bonus game rich and that can make any Fruit Machine you come across highly exciting and entertaining to play.

If you are a high rolling online slot player then it is worth noting that Fruit Machines are not generally available to play for the very high stake levels that you can play standard online slots, and as such you are only going to come across Fruit Machines that let you wager 10.00 per spin as the maximum bet, however if you are looking for a slightly longer than average amount of play time and plenty of winning opportunities these types of slot machines may just be what you are looking for.

Below are a few of the unique features ad bonus games that you are going to find on the majority of online Fruit Machines, so do have a read through this listing for you many eventually decide playing them for fairly high stake levels is something you wish to do!

Hold and Nudges – Before you set the reels into motion you could see a set of three Hold buttons flashing underneath each reel, if you then click on one or more of these buttons the reel associated with that button will lock into place and not move when you next click on the Spin button, this Hold feature is fairly common and allows you to play these slots strategically and often hold and lock into place a winning combination several times on the trot!

You may also get offered something known as a Nudge feature, this is awarded to you only at the end of any one single spin of the reel you play, and when you have it available you can then move any of the three reels downwards one stop at a time in the hope you then nudge in and complete a winning combination on the pay line!

Bonus Trails – Many high stake Fruit Machines have a set of reel symbols which have little numbers displayed on them, and when one or more of these reel symbols land on the win line then those numbers that spun in will light up a Number Trail and when you reach the end position on that trail a main bonus feature game will be triggered and awarded to you.

Win Spin Slots – One type of online Fruit Machine that we think is going to appeal to a low of high rollers are those games on which instead of you being able to win a winning cash award when a set of matching reel symbols spin in on the pay line you instead are given a certain number of Win Spins, the number of Win Spins awarded will be determined by just what type of reel symbols line up.

What these Win Spins do is to launch a special bonus screen on which a 5 win line slot appears, and for every single Win Spin that you have been awarded and that then plays out on this special bonus Fruit Machine will be guaranteed winning ones, and when playing for high stake levels the final winning pay out once they have all played out can be enormous!

High Roller Casino Jackpot Payouts

Let’s face it, if you play slot games for high stakes then you will want to have the chance of winning some very sizeable amounts of cash in return for those high stakes, and in this article we are going to take a look at just which slot games are designed to give players the very highest best chances of spinning in their jackpot paying combinations.

As any experienced slot player knows only too well, there is no way of looking into the future when playing a slot for high stake levels and as such you cannot instantly predict just when you are going to line up the jackpot paying combination on any payline you have chosen to put into play on any slot machine.

However, by carefully taking a look at each reel attached to each slot, finding out just how many jackpot symbols are on each reel and then working out the chances of you lining up the jackpot paying combination using simple mathematics, you will be able to know just which slots offer the best chances of hitting the big one!

Below are some of the best high rolling slot games to play due to the fact you are more likely to win a jackpot when playing them with all of their available payline set into live play, have a look through this list and maybe give some of these slot games a little play time if you see them on offer at the casino site at which you are playing at!

Bush Telegraph Slot – The Bush Telegraph slot machine may be one of the older bonus slots available online, however it is a great high rolling slot machine to get stuck into playing for the odds on you managing to successfully line up five of the wild symbols which are required to be awarded its jackpot payout are a respectable 1,218,559 to 1.

Cashville Slot – You are going to like the look and way that the Cashville slot game plays and pays for this has one of the largest non progressive jackpots on offer and you could also be lucky enough to trigger a large paying pick to win type of bonus game when playing it online.

If you do decide to play the high rolling Cashville slot machine online and play it with all of its available paylines in play then the odds of you inning its 50,000 coins jackpot is 930,892 to 1!

Dog Father Slot – You are going to have a very enjoyable high rolling slot playing session if you make the very wise decision of playing the Dog Father bonus game awarding slot game online, for not only can two very unique bonus games be awarded, but the actual odd of winning its large jackpot when playing all of the payline it has on offer is 771,749 to 1, and that is much better odds of winning the jackpot than the two slot games named above, so do try and give it some attention and play time soon!

Spring Break Slot – If you want to compare some of the better high rolling slot games that payout their respective jackpots more regularly than other slots take a look at the Spring Break slot game.

This particular slot comes with a free spins bonus game and a fairly large jackpot, however when you play it with all of outs paylines set into live play the chances of you lining up the jackpot paying symbols on any payline are a huge 3,959,999 to 1, and as such stick to playing those high rolling slots named and listed above for the best jackpot winning chances!

High Roller Video Slots vs Classic Online Slots

There are two main types of high rolling slot machines that you can play online, the first type of slots are the older 3 reel slots which due to their classic layout offer players just one single payline and no bonus games can be triggered when playing them.

The other popular type of high rolling slot machines found in very large numbers online are the video slot games which are famed for offering a myriad of different bonus game features which make then quite exciting slot games to play for high stake levels.

Below we have put together a comparison type of playing guide which will let you decide which type of high rolling slot game is for you, do have a good look through this guide for the way each of these high rolling video and classic slot games work play and pay are all different, and some may appeal to you and some may not!

Excitement Factor – It is going to be the high rolling bonus game awarding video slots that offer you by far and away the most exciting type of playing structure, for thanks to these games unique bonus game rounds you will never know in advance when they are going to be awarded and you will only discover just how much you have won when those bonus game rounds have played out and finished!

Speed of Play – You will not find a much quicker playing range of high rolling slot games than the classical three reel slot machine, with no bonus games or additional bonus features springing to life and being awarded as you play then, if you just want to spin the reels quickly to discover if you are a winner or not then these game do boast the fast playing game structures.

Jackpot Payouts – There is not going to be many differences in regards to which types of high rolling slot games have the biggest valued jackpot payouts, for when playing both video slots and classic slots online you will find both categories of slot machines offer progressive jackpots that can be huge in value. You may also find some slots which share the same progressive jackpot pools but are designed as both three reel classic slots and video slots, such as the Cash Splash slot machine!

New Slot Games – Sadly you are not going to find anywhere as near new classical three reel slots being launched as you will find brand new high rolling video slot games, it does appear that higher rolling online slot players prefer playing new video slots as opposed to new classic slots, and as such if you love nothing better than getting stuck into playing a range of new slot games every month then you are going to find more video slots that classic slots being launched!

Slot Bonuses – You are not going to notice any difference in regards to which slot bonus can be used on either classical three reel slot or bonus video slot machines when playing at any online casino site, The operators of thee casinos want to appeal to every type of high rolling slot player as they can and as such all of the available online slot game bonuses are going to be able to be used on either video slot or classic slots.

Have a good look around our website for you will find lots of fact based high rolling slot machine articles that will help you located and find a slot game that appeals directly to you, and there are no shortages of high rolling slots out there waiting for you!

High Roller Slots Bonus

It is going to be up to yourself whether you are interested in taking and utilizing slot bonuses that are guaranteed to be offered to you if you are a high rolling slot player, for whilst it is true to say they can offer good value and give you enhanced winning opportunities when you utilize them, often the terms and conditions attached to any slot game bonus mean you are going to have to follow a set of rules in the way you play your slot games.

Being told that you cannot play certain slots or have to play them for certain stake levels is really not going to appeal to a lot of high rolling slot players and this is why many high rollers tend to steer well clear of taking an online casino up on their bonus offers, however many casinos will offer their VIP’s a special and exclusive set of bonus offers which may be worth your taking a closer look at.

With this in mind below you are going to find the best slot bonuses for high rolling slot players, it should be additionally noted that the actual way a bonus can be structured will vary from site to site, but the following listing will give you general idea of what types of bonuses may just be worth taking when you are in a high rolling slot playing mood!

Managers Comp Bonus – Probably the one bonus which is going to appeal to every high roller are Manager’s Comp Bonuses, these types of bonuses usually come with no terms and conditions attached to them and as soon as they have been credited to your casino account you can do what you want with that extra cash, including cashing it out if you so desire!

Free Slot Spins Bonus – The one way that you are going to be able to instantly tell if the online casino or online slot site at which you are high rolling at truly values you as a player and is deserving of you slot playing action is when they give you a free slot spins type of bonus, this is simply a free set of slots spin on any one single slot game.

If you do get offered such a bonus then do launch the slot game those free spins have been credited onto, and if you find the maximum number of paylines have been activated and also the coin values are at the max and also the maximum number of coins per payline have been put into play then that is a high valued bonus and one worth taking.

If on the other hand you are not credited the maximum number of paylines, coin values or coins per line that casino is giving you a poor valued bonus and one that is rather stingy in nature!

Deposit and Reload Bonuses – One final slot bonus that you are always going to be ffered when you are a high rolling slot player are both deposit bonuses and reload bonuses, these types of bonuses both work in more or less the same way and to qualify for such a bonus and have it credited to you then you will first have to make a deposit into your casino account and the bonus will then be awarded.

The best valued deposit and reload bonuses are those that come with a high percentage match type structure, so look out for bonuses that are valued at in excess of 100% of your deposited amount, and also make sure there are no maximum cash out levels attached to these bonuses and you are able to lay the slot games for any stake levels and not have to play slots for only a certain listed maximum bet per spin!

High Roller VIP Club Casino Player

As a high roller slot player you can expect and quite often demand a much better level of service when you are playing in the online gaming environment, and this is due to you being a much sought after VIP customer by a lot of slot sites, who will all want you to switch your slot playing action over to their respective casino.

With this in mind it can often pay for you to get into with the customer support teams of several online casinos that you may not already be a member of, or like the look of and ask one of their VIP Hosts to contact you.

All of the online casinos we showcase have such a person, and their role is to ensure that you get those little extras which your high risk high reward slot playing entitles you to have bestowed on you! Below are some of the extras benefits a high roller slot player can expect.

More Comps – You will often find that an online casino which offers a multi level type of loyalty or comp VIP club will catapult you right to the highest level of their comp club when you show an interest in joining that site and playing their slot games for much higher stakes.

This will mean you are going to be earning many more comps from the minute you start to play for real money than players who play for much more modest stake levels.

Benefits High Roller Slots Players Can Expect :

Faster Payouts – The online casino at which you are playing at is likely to pull out all of the stops to keep you happy, and one way which they will go that extra mile to do this is by ensuring that whenever you cash out any winning those winnings will be paid to you rapidly.

Any online casino worth its salt will want you pay you quickly whenever you win for they will know that you are likely to return to that site again and again due to those speedy winning cash outs.

Enhanced Deposit Levels – As you are going to want to play slots for high stakes then another benefit you will find coming your way is that you will be permitted a much higher deposit level than most other players when you high roll at any online casino site, this will allow you to obviously deposit as much as you like into the casino to allow you to play for higher stake levels.

Conversely you are also going to often find that the cash out and withdrawal amounts that you are able to withdraw when you have had a winning slot player session is not going to be restricted to smaller amounts that other players are forced to put up with, so whenever you have won a sizeable amount of cash you will have no problems cashing the entire amount out.

Dedicated Casino Host – You will always have access to one of the casinos VIP Hosts when you are high roller slot players, and this person is going to ensure that the promotions team at the casino you are playing at gives you access to more than your fair share of bonus offers and special unique comps.

You should never be afraid of asking for little extras when you are giving any one casino site a lot of action, for that casino will want to do whatever it takes to keep you logged into and player at their casino site, and if you do not ask for those little extras then often you may find they get offered you anyway!