Microgaming Casinos

We just know that as you surf the web you are going to come across many different Microgaming Casinos and online casino sites that have these games in a multi software game package, but a large proportion of them are going to be powered by Microgaming exclusively.

This is one of the largest and most popular gaming platform and casino game designers involved in the online gaming environment and as such we are more than happy to enlighten you on what Microgaming have to offer.

Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming originally launched their very first online casino site way back in the year 1994, which does of course mean that they have been around and supplying online casino games for over 20 years now, and being one of the most forward thinking companies their gaming platforms and range of games have been evolving during those two decades, to the point where they now offer the largest range of games of every possible description!

If you are looking to play casino games online at one of the thousands of different online casinos that are accessible we would strongly urge you to consider signing up to one powered by Microgaming software, and the reasons why are explained below.

If you do fancy playing at such a site after reading through this review of Microgaming, then feel free to have a good look around this website as we have full and in-depth reviews of all of the top rated casinos available online who utilize the many different gaming platforms offer by this industry leader.

Microgaming Casino Platform

We are able to guarantee that no matter what type of computer or mobile device you own you are going to be able to play at a Microgaming software powered casino site, and this is due to the fact that they have many different gaming platforms available.

As you would expect from a company that has been around of over 20 years they really have pushed the boat out and have designed and launched many different types of gaming platforms, and as such you are now able to either download their state of the art gaming platform, or you can play a large and devise range of games via their instant play, Flash powered gaming platform.

Not only that but thanks to a range of mobile gaming platforms you can access a wide range of mobile web compatible casino games and also download games onto older models of mobile phones or Blackberry devices and even play casino games via an Android App.

Microgaming also have a Live Casino gaming platform and as such you are now able to place wagers onto one of many different types of land based casino games and watch the games all playing out by a video feed which is broadcast in a land based casino and is fed over the internet directly to your computer.

You really are never going to need to play anywhere else once you sign up to a Microgaming software powered casino site and this is the reason that they have become as successful as they have!

Microgaming Casino Games

If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing at a Microgaming software powered online casino site before then you will not be aware of just how large and diverse their range of games is, and as such allow us to give you some ideas of the many different casino games you are going to always find offered at any such online casino site.

Slot games are available in very large numbers which does of course mean you will find video slot games, progressive slot games, three reel and classic slot games along with lots of fruit machines readily on offer. All of Microgaming’s many different casino games can be played completely free or charge or of course for real money, the only games you cannot play for free are the progressive jackpot paying games!

You will find every possible type and variant of Video Poker at all Microgaming powered sites including single and multi hand variants, plus you will also find some brand new Level Up Poker games and a couple of high paying progressive Video Poker games on offer.

Best Microgaming Casino

In regards to casino card and table games you really will be amazed at just how many of them are available, they have dozens of different Blackjack game variants along with plenty of casino poker games, and you are also going to find games such as Roulette on offer which are also available in several different formats and structures, plus quite a number of unique and variety games are on offer including Scratchcard games!

Why Play at Microgaming Software Powered Casinos

We are quite confident that as soon as you try out any Microgaming software powered casino site you are going to find everything offered at such a site to your liking, but if you need a few more reasons to give one of these sites a try then keep on reading!

Monthly Brand New Games – Every single month of the year without fail, Microgaming launch and release a brand new collection of online casino games, and this ensures that anyone accessing a casino using their gaming platforms is always going to have available new and exciting games to play. Microgaming are also rapidly expanding and increasing their mobile gaming network and are working flat out to make available lots of new games upon it!

Casino Game Tournaments – If you enjoy playing casino game tournaments, then it is going to be advisable for you to consider utilizing a downloadable Microgaming software powered online casino site for it is those at which you are going to find a truly massive number of free to enter and paid to enter casino game tournaments including slot tournaments and Blackjack tournaments.

No Limit Progressive Payouts – Finally if you ever have the luck of winning a progressive jackpot when playing at any online casino using the Microgaming networks range of progressive games then those winnings are paid out in one lump sum, this is a requirement of all Microgaming powered casinos so if Lady Luck strikes you will soon receive the entire jackpot payout!