No Deposit Slots Bonus

Now you either hate casino slots no deposit bonus offers or love them, but one thing is for sure, they are always going to be available to online slot machine
players. So you need to decide whether accepting one will give you maximum value and an above average chance of you coming out ahead.

There are several things you should lookout for when you are thinking of accepting a casino bonus to play the slot machines with, and these are:

1) How much is the bonus worth and what are the play through requirements – Online slot machines payout on average around 96%, and as such you should (over the long term) be expected to win $96 for every $100 played on the slots.

How many times to wager the casino bonus for online slots ?

So by working out the bonus amount and how much you have to play through the bonus and/or deposit you can work out if you stand a reasonable chance of winning.

Simple maths dictate that if you are given a 100% bonus let’s say $100 on a $100 deposit you will have a $200 budget to play the slots, if you have to play through the bonus 10 times before you can cash out then this works out at $100 x 10 = $1000.

With an expected payout percentage of 96% you will lose $4 theoretically for every $100 wagered so therefore 10 (number of play throughs) x $4 (payout percentage average loss) = $40, so you have a good chance of finishing the session $60 in profit.

However due to the nature of slot machines this is not set in stone and any gaming session can result in great swings both upwards and downwards, but by doing a quick calculation beforehand you will soon know where you stand.

2) Is there a maximum amount or a limit on how much you can win with the bonus – Always find out if there is, as some casinos may limit just how much you can win while playing with a bonus, this is usually those casinos that offer huge bonuses and it is often advisable to avoid any casino that will limit your potential winnings.

You will be kicking yourself should you hit a huge jackpot win whilst playing with a casino bonus then find out that you can only cash out a small percentage of it, so read the rules inside out and ensure you are not at the mercy to such terms and conditions.

  1. Blackjack Ballroom Casino $500 free play bonus
  2. Golden Tiger Casino $1500 one hour free play
  3. Zodiac Casino minimum deposit $1 to get $20
  4. Casino Classic $500 free play money
  5. Virtual City Casino $10 no deposit bonus

Slot Machine Comps and Loyalty Points

Most online casinos will offer you the ability to earn comp points on every real money wager you make on all their slot machines, and this is simply their way of rewarding your loyalty and giving you something in return.

But not all comp clubs are created equal and there are some huge differences in just how much you can claim as a member of their program, and by shopping around you can get maximum value out of every spin of the reels.

Some casinos namely those that operate several venues online will allow you to pool all your comps earned at any of their sites and this allows you to play at several casinos and then have your comped casino chips credited into any of them, this is great if you like to play at more than one site.

Another advantage of pooling your comps is that most loyalty clubs have a tiered membership which means the more you wager the higher you will progress in the comp club ranking and therefore you will be given more comps per Dollar wagered and will also be able to redeem them for more free chips.

So make sure you checkout the casino comp clubs very carefully as by doing so you could find yourself earning a great deal more comps than you normally would, and as this is free cash that can result in you winning some sizeable amounts you shouldn’t take where to play lightly.