Rival Slots Games

The Next Level is Rival Slots Games Rival Gaming, owned by Black Chip Ltd. and based in Cyprus, has entered the software gaming industry only in 2006. However in this short space of time it has come up with one of the most revolutionary slots games software, which has taken playing slots to a new level.

These slots games are known as islots offered by trusted Rival Gaming Casinos. At a basic level Rival islots are video slots that have multi reels and multi lines.

It is the islots that has made all the difference. The -i- in Rival islots stands for interactive. This interactive feature has brought in an element of skill in what was previously a game of only luck.

It is this combination of luck and skill that has increased the popularity of the slots game. Slot machines are no longer games in which the player activates the spinning mechanism and waits for the game to do the rest.

Certain outcomes in the paylines, such as the presence of specified symbols, take the player to bonus rounds in which the player can exhibit his skill.

Skilled players can greatly enhance their winnings through these bonus rounds. The interesting part of Rival slots is that these bonus rounds do not tale place in isolation.

They are a part of an entertaining story that unfolds as the slots player proceeds with the game. In fact the story connects the bonus rounds and the slots round in an integrated manner.

At the beginning of the slots game is an animated clip that introduces the story theme. Some of the popular themes are crime, Hollywood and golf.

The clip also introduces the characters that the story revolves around. As the player moves from one round to the next the story unfolds and reaches a climax.

If the player manages to keep winning and reaches the final round he will witness the end of the story. There are more than 25 Rival islots that can be played on casinos powered by Rival Gaming software such as Mayan Fortune, Sloto Cash and DaVincis Gold.

Perhaps the most popular of the Rival islots is the golf based Hole in Won.

When in particular combination of symbols appears in the paylines the mini-golf bonus round gets activated. The screen moves away from the slots game to the bonus game.

The objective of this game is to putt the golf ball into the hole. The player has to provide the correct aim and the correct power to the golfer by correctly positioning his mouse.

The fewer turns the player takes, the more points he is awarded and the more money he makes. After playing one hole the player is taken back to the main game.

There are nine holes in this mini golf course and the player has to activate the bonus round nine times in order to complete the entire course. The popularity of some Rival islot games has resulted in sequels being made.

Reel Crime 1 features a bank robbery. Its popularity led to Reel Crime 2, which is based on an art heist.