Slot Machine Payouts

We have done some research into slot machine payouts to bring you the following insight into the best paying slot machines, now online slots being the most played casino game we studied this as there is a lot of discussion regarding which
high roller casino slots games offer the best payouts.

You will have seen displayed on a great many online casino websites payout percentage verification certificates and these usually list all games in groups and give the overall payout percentage.

The mathematics behind this is simple and requires you to divide the total amount of cash out by the amount of cash in.

Landbased casinos use either the slot machines mechanical or electronic meters to acquire this information, online casinos simply use the data log files.

So if a slot machine has taken $10,000 in and has paid out $9700 the payout percentage for that machine is worked out as follows 9700 (cash out) / 10000 (cash-in) = 0.97 therefore the payout percentage is 97%.

It is possible for a slot machine to payout over 100% and this will usually be the case when a series of mid to large sized jackpots have been won recently.

Which Slots Have The Best Payouts The best paying slots are what every player wants to find and this is were a little skill and knowledge comes into play.

The most important thing you should first understand is not all slot machines were created equal.

There are two types of online slot machines the first are called “Low Tech” and these are the basic three reel single win-line slots.

These are usually set to pay a mid range jackpot and are not usually very volatile in terms of mega jackpots.

Defining the best payouts on progressive slots can be tricky, but if you are looking for the most hit progressive jackpots then Microgaming Casinos that have the Mega Moolah take the title.

This is thanks to it having several progressive jackpots that can be won, in fact it has four and the smaller ones are usually hit every few minutes.

Microgaming Slots – Best Game payouts

Microgaming sites on the other hand have no control over any payouts. This means you are going to be getting a fair game at all times.

They also have their payout percentages verified each month to bring you even more assurance of fair paying slots and non secretive payout percentages.

The Cash Splash slot has certainly an impressive list of past winners and the payouts vary from a few thousand to tens of thousand of dollars, so if you are looking for one that pays-out every few days then this one should be the one you choose.

The very low stake progressives like Tunzamunni payout their jackpots very rarely so you should avoid this game, unless you are looking for lots of small wins or a low rolling session with a very minute chance of hitting a life changing jackpot amount.

Getting The Best Payouts As the payouts of slots is based over a set period, and bearing in mind no one knows when they will hit the magical 100%+ range, you can increase the chance of getting closer to a large win by accepting a casino bonus.

Most slot players trawl the web seeking the best ones and they can and do help you win. It will take a little research to ensure you are not limited to a maximum payout or ridiculous play-through requirements, but the rule of thumb is any bonus worth 100% of your deposit amount will give you a sporting chance of coming out ahead.

Patience, sensible stakes and knowing when to quit is paramount if you are serious about getting the best slots payouts, so aim for a sensible “get out” amount and should you reach it hit that cash-in button, for as night follows day that slot machine can become a money swallower.

Claim Slots Comps – Win at the Slots

Before you start playing for real money at any online casino make sure you have joined their comp club. There are some really good ones out there and by shopping around and tracking down the best ones you can dramatically increase the payouts of your slots action. Even a low rolling slot player can increase the payouts ever so slightly by claiming these additional comps, which can, if used on the right game at the right time result in a winning slot session, so grab those comps.

Rival Slots Payout

You can expect a payout percentage on these machines of around 96%. However if you have recently won a jackpot or series of large wins you can expect them to become tight and gobble up your money fairly quickly.

Be warned though some of these machines have very low payout percentages and one to avoid online is the Surf Paradise Slot from Rival which pays a miserable 95%, and the 5 Reel Circus Slot which is even worse at 88%.

The second type of slot machine are the “High Tech” ones and these are multi-lined, feature packed slots that can be extremely volatile in regards to their payouts. Being random you never know when they will drop, but normally these large wins occur during one or more of the bonus rounds.

The best payout we have found on a High Tech slot is the Future Fortunes Slot which by virtue of its reel layout and paytable returns a very generous 99%.

RTG Slot Payout

Some online casino operators can adjust the payouts on all their slot machines and some have no control over it what so ever. Real Time Gaming (rtg slots) sites can and do adjust these payouts, and it is no surprise to see some offering huge bonuses to players that can only be used on the slots.

It doesn’t take Einstein to realise that if they are offering you a 500% bonus then their slot machines are going to be screwed down to the absolute minimum payouts, so don’t get taken in by all the hype surrounding a casinos’ “fantastic” bonuses, as you will pay for it in the long term via lower payouts and less wins appearing.