Slot Machine Tips

We bring you our slot machine tips section to help you improve your slot sessions and hopefully help you produce more winning sessions.

Everybody has their own way of playing slot machines and some have a high hit rate and seem to do well in every session they play.

The reason for this is not entirely down to Lady Luck alone but by putting into action some sensible and well though-out strategies they increase their chances of winning.

First Online Slots Tip : Watch the Jackpots

Some slot machines have stand alone progressive jackpots, this is unique to that particular one machine and isn’t linked to any other. There are players who glide through casinos keeping their eyes peeled for trigger amounts on these slots.

The blazing 7’s machines being a prime example and an experienced player knows that they will usually hit at a certain amount, so by only playing those machines that have exceeded this amount they know on the balance of probabilities they stand a better chance of hitting the top prize on those showing larger amounts.

So our first tip is to simply study the jackpot amounts and those machines showing an unusually high one is well worth playing, it won’t of course guarantee you will hit it but they are certainly better to play than those will low jackpots as these have recently paid out the top prize.
Playing for the Feature

We have heard of many online slot players who play the new generation of slots that give out bonus features in such a way they aim for getting top payouts on these bonus rounds and nothing else.

They have worked out the average number of spins between each bonus round and play the game in such a way as they feel they can maximize their returns.

As an example lets take a look at the Spring Break slot machine that can be found in any Microgaming powered casino. By breaking down the slot machines reel layout they have worked out than on average you are going to get the free spins round every 124 spins.

So these savvy players simply play 1 coin per spin for around 100 spins then up the wagers to max coins once they feel they are getting closer to the feature triggering.

It remains to be seen whether this is a good way of playing but with so many players opting to play this way there maybe something in it after all!

New Slot Playing Tips

With new slot games being released every month, most players tend to give them a few spins mainly out of curiosity, one slot machine tip is to avoid these games until they have “warmed up”. Uk players know that new machines take a while to “bed in” and will, as soon as they have launched become money swallowers.

The logic behind this is that they are aiming to payout their payout percentage and this is easily achieved by taking in vast sums of money then begin hitting more frequent jackpots to get to this predetermined payback.

So by giving them a very wide berth for a week or two they know the machine has by virtue of it being new taken a lot of money and should be due to start paying some back!

So if you have played the new slot machines and found them to be a money pit then one slot machine tip you should listen to is to avoid playing them for a couple of weeks, it may work it may not work but if your slot stats show they are tight at first then you should take note of these facts.

Slot Playing Tip – Bonuses

We have also recently heard of players using casino bonuses to their full advantage especially on slot machines that offer a stand alone progressive jackpot or the ones that offer bonus rounds that payout your weighted average bet.

The new Tomb Raider slot from Microgaming being a perfect example. This slot offers several feature rounds and one is awarded once you have had a passport symbol appear on each reel during the course of your play.

This can take quite a while to hit but the payouts are predetermined as being based on your total weighted average bet from the time the first symbol appeared to the point where the final one dropped in and triggered the feature.

So many astute players are claiming large bonuses from casinos then playing this slot on maximum coins per spin using the bonus as a way of manipulating a good payout once the feature finally triggers.

This is a good tip especially once you realize that most bonuses are worth at least 100% of your deposit amount. You are of course never sure when the feature will finally trigger but by using all of the extra free money as a way of ensuring the weighted average bet is high you know when it does you should get a very good payout.

Slot Playing Tip – Stop Limits

The hardest thing a slot player can do when they have hit a winning streak is to stop playing. The thrill of a hot session cannot be beaten, and the best tip we can give is to make a cash-in once you win a fair amount.

You don’t need to cash-in all the winnings but do cash-in something. If you are experiencing a roller coaster slot session and you find yourself in profit, make a withdrawal then take a break, it is often hard to do but waking up the next morning realizing you have some winnings on the way to you is a much better feeling than waking up and realizing you blew the lot!

Some players will make a cash-in then uninstall the software to eradicate the possibility of reversing a withdrawal and losing it all back, if that what it takes to make you a winner then do it, and ensure you end up ahead of the game!