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Welcome to our Free Slots site, having spent years playing slot games online we decided the time was right to share some of our knowledge with you! As such we have packed this site with valuable information that we hope will not only improve your online slot play but also give you that winning edge.

Free Slots Spins at Zodiac Casino

We are going to stick to three of the most well known online casino software companies games, these being Microgaming, Real Time Gaming (RTG) the reason for choosing these three is that not only are all of their casino slots and games certified as both fair and completely random.

free slots no download

Between them they allow and accept most worldwide players so no matter where you are from in the world you should be able to enjoy playing the slots of at least one of the software companies games if not all three of them.

Slots are the preferred game at RTG casinos, with more than 50 games.

The RTG slots games like Achilles, Aladdins Wishes, Paradise Dreams, Penguin Power, and Paris Beauty are extremely popular.

The interesting features of these games are multiple pay lines and rtg progressive jackpots that keep online players glued to them.

The Real Series Video slots such as Crystal Waters, Enchanted Garden and Treasure Chamber are even more exciting.

Not only do these slots have 5 Reels, 20 pay lines and a Random Progressive jackpot that could be hit playing with any denomination, but they also have exciting bonus rounds and fabulous multipliers.

The thematic graphics are even sharper and more vivid. Low rollers love the progressive jackpots because it is not required to wager with maximum coins and because jackpots are hit very frequently.

Being a slot player you are probably more aware than most people about the randomness of the game which is part of the excitement of playing them as you never really know when that big win will spin in.

However there are plenty of ways to play free slots using many strategies and playing hints and tips that can increase your chances of winning and we have plenty of them listed for you within our site.

Free Online Slots

Many slot players will remember where they first started playing slot machines, whether it was as a child on holiday at a seaside amusement arcade or as an adult in a pub or club, or perhaps it was on your very first visit to a casino, whenever it was you probably got bitten by the slot playing bug and have been playing them at Zodiac Casino (Mobile) on and off ever since.

It is true to say that slot machine playing can be quite a solitary experience, with most players prefer to happily sit there and take on the game one on one, however when a jackpot lines up and all hell breaks loose with bels and whistles the majority of players are quite happy for their slot playing session to become a much more public event!

There is what is known as a savvy or professional type of slot player and it is he or she who is always on the look out for ways of ensuring they are getting the best value and returns from their slot playing, they rarely leave the decision on which slot machines to play purely to chance and we shall take a look at how they choose which slot game to play and why.

Choosing Which Free Slots Games To Play

Whilst on the face of it each machine may look similar, well the cabinets they are in look the same however with their being many different slot game themes choosing which one to play can be part of the fun, perhaps you like Elvis if so then an Elvis themed slot would be the one you head too, or maybe you are a fan of Monopoly, if this is the game then the plethora of different Monopoly slots will appeal to you.

However the player who is looking to walk away a winner will look at several factors when choosing which slot game to sit down and play, they look at things such as the slot payout percentages and try and stick to those with the best returns, understanding slot game RTP’s is another way players choose which slots to stick to playing.

You will know doubt have seen the slot machines at the Zodiac Casino which offer massive jackpots which grow and grow until won and probably have thought that your chances of winning on these are minimal, however there is a good time to play progressive slots and we will reveal when exactly this is to increase your chances of actually bagging that top prize.

Having a slot playing strategy is another way players will try and lock in a profit and limit their losses when playing slots both online slots and offline slots and we shall inform you of one such way to control your slot playing budget. We have also got some slot playing hints and tips to tell you about so make sure you have a good look around!

Free Slots Bonuses

There are of course plenty of ways to increase your slot playing bankroll and these are via things such as slot playing bonuses as well as being able to earn slot game comps in both land based bricks and mortar casinos, however there can be lots of other ways to boost up your chances of winning.

Many players will stick rigidly to new slot games in the hope that their payout percentages have been increased due to the slots being new and unseen before, however some players have discovered the joys and benefits of playing in slot tournaments and knowing when to play them and how can make the difference between winning a decent cash prize and walking away without a bean!

Some players have dissected the slot game reel symbols and have worked on on average when bonus games should trigger and will build a playing strategy around this information, and it has to be said some actually have a good success rate by doing this however it can be time consuming but also very rewarding to do just that.

As everyone knows you should always set yourself a budget when you opt to play slot games online or even offline, and there will come a time when you have spent up your weekly or monthly slots allowance, but thanks to many online casinos you can now grab yourself the chance of winning real money by taking full advantage of a free slots bonus.

A free slots bonus is often given to you as a no deposit required bonus that allows you to play the majority of an online casinos slot games completely free of charge and if you are lucky enough to end up in profit after meeting all of the play through requirements then you can keep the winnings!

So if this type of free slots bonus appeals to you then get hunting the net for the best no deposit free slots bonuses, you should find plenty of them available, but as always we suggest you stick to those sites we showcase on our website as all of them meet our high standards in regards to fast and hassle free cash outs so you can play with complete confidence that you will get paid when and if you win!

Recently a new breed of free slots bonuses have been launched by many online casinos and this is given by way of a free spins bonus, Here you are given a pre set amount of credits and a time scale in which you have to play this free money, if at the end of the time you have more money than they gave you then you can often keep a large chunk of the winnings, what could be a better way than playing for free but winning for real!

We have also seen many online casinos offering new players a money match deposit bonus based on their very first deposit at that particular casino, and then once you have played through the bonus and/or your deposit x amounts of times you are then awarded an additional free slots bonus which will allow you to play the slots for free and once again keep any winning achieved, so do keep an eye out for this type of bonus which is proving very popular with online slot players.

As with any free slots bonus you should always ensure you read through and fully understand all of the terms and conditions that may be attached to the bonus as sometimes they will stipulate certain slots are not permitted to be played or you need to make a certain amount of wagers before being eligible to cash out, so have a good read through these rules and then you can play win confidence that you will never fall foul of any hidden free slots bonus terms and conditions.

So what are you waiting for get tracking down those free slots bonuses online and enjoy playing them and here’s hoping that you get a winning session when playing them and manage to cash out a sizeable sum of money! – Good Luck and enjoy yourself.

Microgaming, the industry leading online casino software company have no shortage of free slots available in both their download and no download gaming suites, in fact they have several hundred of them, so if you are a slot player then you will not find a bigger selection available anywhere else online.

All manner of slots can be found from simple one line slots up to multi lined bonus feature packed slots. This led us to ask the question is it possible to put together a a selection of slot tips and slot strategies that will give you, our website visitor a better chance of walking away a winner.

Well, even though slot machines are completely random there are a great number of different ways to play them and by putting into place a good strategy you can increase your chances of a winning session, so keep on reading if you want to improve your winning chances when playing Microgaming powered slot games.

Play Free Slot Games To Win

You will probably hear people say that slot playing should be looked at as a form of entertainment that you are paying to enjoy, however playing to win should be something you aim to do whenever you sit down to play, aimlessly throwing your money into the coin slot is not going to be fun if you haven’t a clue what you are doing or aiming for.

So the next time you sit down to play be forewarned and forearmed with the valuable slot playing information revealed within our site, then you can have a decent chance of actually walking away from the slot machines with more money than you started with, which is the true aim of any slot player.

By playing free slots online you could be eligible to win real money, this is achievable by playing in free slot tournaments which are now found in many of the online casinos promoted on our website, so have a good look around as winning free money for playing slots for free is a real possibility, and of course you are never putting any of your own hard earned cash at risk, to find out more about these free slot tournaments simply visit any of the slot sites featured on our website, they all offer plenty of different slot types and you are guaranteed to find plenty of them you like.

As any savvy online slot machine player will tell you, when you are first choosing an online casino or slot site at which to play you should always first play their slot free via a demo or free play account before making a deposit, the reason for this is simple, it will allow you to not only get a feel for the software type but also get to see if you prefer the slot game selection they offer.

With so many different types of free slot games available at Zodiac Casino Canada you should have plenty of fun putting them through their paces and seeing if you like the features offered as well as seeing if the games live up to their expected payout percentages and offer you true value for money and game play value.

Online Slots Payouts

We should point out however that some less than repeatable online slot sites will rig their free slots to payout more than their real money slots, so it is vitally important that you only play at our featured sites, the majority of which have their random number generators and payout percentages regularly audited to ensure all is well and above board.

Also a lot of new slot games offer what are known are true skill bonus rounds, and as the name suggests once you trigger these bonus rounds you stand a chance of winning bigger payouts if you play them correctly, so by playing free slots you can soon master these true skill bonus rounds and thus get much better payouts once you do finally start to trigger the bonus features.

The other major benefit of playing free slots online is that when a new slot game is launched you get instantly play it at no risk to see if it does indeed live up to they hype! You can monitor your game play and see if the slots appeals to how you play.

There are two types of free slot machines commonly available online and both are accessible by a free play or demo account, the first is a flash powered game which as you can imagine loads instantly and wont have you hanging around to play them, and the second is the more advanced and state of the art fully downloadable slots software, so before you play free slots online decide which appeals to you and then hit those slots!

Microgaming Jackpot Slots Thermometer Explained

One very handy feature of Microgaming software is the jackpot thermometer and a lot of slot players will use this as part of their slot strategy. This is a thermometer type graphic that can be found on the right hand side of each slot game and it will give you an indication of when the last jackpot was achieved on that particular slot.

The thermometer begins in a yellow shaded section beginning at 80 and rises upwards into a red colored section where the slot can achieve a score up to a maximum of 999, the higher the “temperature” of the slot means the jackpot hasn’t been won for quite a while.

Whilst it does not guarantee that you will win a jackpot it does offer savvy players the option of tracking down slot games that maybe due to payout, by simply scrolling through the Microgaming game selection you can instantly see which slot machines may be ready to payout.

This in itself may seem like a gimmick but once you understand the workings of a slot machines it is a great tool to have in your arsenal of playing slots, by avoiding those that have just paid out you avoid finding cold machines and by sticking to those that may be due as they haven’t paid out for a length of time you will increase your overall chances of hitting a good win.

The mathematics of the jackpot thermometer is as follows; 80 + the time since the last jackpot divided by the average time between jackpots x100, this will then give the temperature of that slot machine. So if you want a very, very easy slot strategy to follow simply look out for those slots that whose temperature is in the red and have a very high reading.

Microgaming Single Line Slots Strategies

Single line slots are, as the name suggests, classic slot machines that offer just the one, single payline, they are for the type of player who likes their slots nice and simple, some can and do offer a bonus type games, but these rounds are very easy to master and don’t require lots of skill.

There are however some hints and tips available to help you increase your chances of winning and we shall now take a look at them. The first is when you are playing with a bonus.

The Diamond Deal slot game is a simple one liner, and this has a small bonus game that once triggered will have you selecting one of five boxes from those presented to you to reveal a cash prize hiding within, it is the nature of the bonus game that allows for it to be slightly manipulated via a casino bonus.

As you know most bonuses that are given away have very high play through requirements attached to them so players tend realize that when they accept bonuses there is a good chance they will bust out quickly when playing with them before they can reach a cash out position.

But by using the following system you can increase your chances of winning when you haven’t been given a bonus by playing this slot in such a way when you have been given a bonus that you stand a very good chance of hitting this games bonus round.

This slot will trigger its bonus round once you have spun in 4 diamond segments during normal play, once one spins in a segment of the on screen diamond will fill in, the savvy slot player will play this slot with a bonus until such a time that he has 3 diamond segments saved up.

He will then exit the game safe in the knowledge that when he returns to that slot game, whilst playing without a bonus he has only got one more segment to spin in to trigger the bonus round, this resulting in a winning opportunity at much less risk.

It should be pointed out that the slot machine will remember that you have collected three diamond segments and they will always be there whenever you exit or log into the casino and click on the slot, and by returning to play it when you are not using a bonus you are free to cash out and keep all winnings at any time, so overall this slot system is a good one to try!

Thunderstruck 2 Slot Game Strategy

One of the most talked about and long awaited online slot games of all time is the Thunderstruck 2 slot game from Microgaming, this is the younger sister of the immensely popular Thunderstruck slot that was launched well over ten years ago, but it has been totally revamped and has plenty of player appeal.

But is it possible to put any slot strategies into place that will give you a better chance of winning? Well let’s take a look at the slot in closer detail and let’s find out. It is a 243 ways slot game which means you are obliged to play all possible winning positions on every spin, but this will only cost you 30 credits increments to do so and with the minimum coin size being 1 cent that means you can play one coin per increment resulting in a minimum stake per spin of 30 cents.

The Thunderstruck 2 slot game has a multi level free spins bonus game which begins at 10 free spins on a x5 multiplier and then once played and finished the slot will remember this and then once you trigger the free spins again in later play it will move you upwards to the next level of which there is four levels each offering a higher number of free spins and additional benefits such a varied multipliers and extra wild symbols.

This multi level system of free spins is the key to how many a slot system player will try and exploit the slot to their benefit, what they will do is to play the slot game on low stakes and simply increase their stakes as they progress to the higher and higher levels, the idea being that when they hit the top free spins feature they are playing for high stakes and unlike flat stake players it hasn’t cost them high stakes to get to this position.

Whilst it has to be said this isn’t a perfect slot strategy it is worth a try if you fancy throwing caution to the wind and fancy giving yourself a chance of winning some excellent returns via the free spins round, you will just have to hope that this bonus round is triggered sooner rather than later when you up your stakes to the maximum limit!

The Thunderstruck 2 slot game does offer a top prize payout of 2.4 million coins, but players should never let these massive jackpot blind them, and if the slot isn’t in a mood to pay then it won’t and one way players will find whether a slot is hot or not is to put in place the next slot playing strategy, so keep on reading to finding out more.

Ten Spin Slots Strategy

When a slot machine is paying out it is said to be hot or loose, and conversely when a slot game isn’t paying out it is said to be cold, some players when trying to find that illusive loose slot will put into play the ten spins slot strategy.

This is quite simple to put into play, you simply need to play the slot game for a maximum of ten spins and see whether it throws in several small wins or bonus games, if it does it can be a good indication of whether it is likely to be a loose machine or a cold machine.

Of course slot machines are totally random but they are all set to payout a certain percentage, so if in those ten spins you do get a perceived value for money element and some return for your money it may be worth carrying on playing it.

Playing a cold slot can be a very expensive experience as the machine will just suck in all your money and give you very few wins or very low bonus game payouts, so the rule of thumb is, if a slot is paying out continue to play it until it becomes cold and then move on!

Scrooge Slot Game Strategy

One fairly recent addition to the Microgaming suite of games is their Scrooge slot game and this slot has a special bonus game which is triggered once you manage to spin in, in total 25 “plus one day” symbols in normal play.

As you play the slot in normal play and get these symbols one “day” is marked off the calendar, you may also spin in a “plus one free spin” symbol and this will add one free spin into the pot, these will continue to be added until you reach 25 days in total, this being the 25th of December (Christmas Day) on the calendar, once you do then you will win the free spins you have accumulated.

Savvy slot players will therefore start to play this slot by playing low stakes until such a time as they have amassed around 20 ish of the plus one symbols and will then up their stakes to the maximum in the hope of getting a high payout by virtue of them paying this slot on a much higher stake once the bonus round is triggered.

Some players will tend to use any bonus money to amass 20 ish of the days on the calendar and leave them there until such a time as they are playing without a bonus as this means they will not be subject to any play through requirements when they finally hit the bonus round.

This is a good slot system to play and can be rewarding, but only if you do indeed hit some big wins during the bonus round when playing with your own money, feel free to put this game to the test at any of our featured Microgaming sites, you can of course test drive it in free play mode before playing for real money to allow you to put this system to the test!

Progressive Slot Game Systems

Microgaming have several progressive slot games available, and they each offer the player the chance to play for various stake levels in the hope of winning an ever rising slot jackpot. The best slot system to put into play when playing these types of slots if for you to only play them once the jackpot level has risen to above their usual, average payout levels, so to give you a sporting chance of hitting a progressive jackpot below you will find this information in a little more detail.

Fruit Fiesta

– This is a 3 reel slot game and to be in with a chance of winning the progressive you need to be playing three coins per spin, the coin values are set at 25 cents so a maximum coin spin will cost you 75 cents. The average size of the jackpot when hit is around the $20,000 area so try and play it only when it exceeds this amount.

There is also a 15 line video slot version of this slot and once again you need to be playing all fifteen lines to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot, as each line costs 5 cents and the maximum coins you can play on each line is 1 coin the maximum stake is the same as the three reel version above i.e. 75 cents.

Cash Splash

– The 3 reel version of the slot game offers just one pay lines and you need to play three coins per spin to be in with a chance of hitting the jackpot, the average size of the jackpot is around $23,000 so only play it when it is around this figure as you have a better chance of winning it than playing it when the progressive jackpot is very low.

There is a 15 pay lines video slot version of this slot and you need to play all 15 lines at 20 cents per spin to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, so make sure you activate all pay lines when playing this variant so as you never miss out on that winning jackpot spin!

Mega Moolah

– Microgaming have several versions of this progressive video slot game available and these slots all offer the chance of you winning, totally at random, one of four progressive jackpots. At the end of a spin you may be given the chance to spin a wheel and depending where the wheel stops will result in you winning one of four jackpots.

The average payout of these four progressive are as follows: The Mini hits on or around the $10.50 mark, but as this is won most frequently it is best paying this progressive no real careful attention.

The average payout mark of the Minor progressive jackpot is around $89, this is another regularly hit progressive and due to its frequent hit rate no real close attention should be paid to this jackpot payout amount.

The Major progressive jackpot hits on average around the $13,000 mark, and the Mega jackpot which has only been won a few times has an average payout of around $2,810,000. The nature of the progressive jackpots means you don’t need to line up any winning symbols or be playing maximum coins and lines to be in with a chance of winning any of them.

Major Millions

The original Major Millions slot has three optional pay lines but to be in with a chance of winning the ever rising progressive you have to play all three of them and line up the jackpot symbols on the third payline. The average jackpot payout amount is around the $270,000 mark.

There is also a 15 payline video slot version and this has a fixed coin level of 20 cents and you need to play all fifteen lines to be in with a chance of hitting the jackpot, both maximum coin spins on both slots is $3.

King Cash a Lot

This is a fixed coin slot and the coin values are set at 5 cents, being a 9 payline slot you are also given the option of playing up to 5 coins per spin. The average jackpot payout is around the $600,000 mark so try and play it when it is in excess of this amount.

Lots a Loot

The 3 reel version of this slot has a fixed coin value of 50 cents and you need to activate and play all 5 pay lines to be in with a chance of hitting the progressive, the average jackpot payout of this slot is around the $17,500 mark.

You will also find a 25 payline video slot version which has fixed coin values of 10 cents, this means the maximum spin value of both slot versions is $2.50.

Treasure Nile

This is one of the oldest Microgaming progressive slot games and this is a 9 payline slot and coin levels are fixed at 50 cents which means a maximum coin spin, which you are obliged to make to have a chance of hitting the jackpot is $4.50. The average payout of the progressive jackpot on this slot is around the $57,800 mark.


There are many ways in which you can increase your chances of winning when playing slots and most professional or serious slot players will ensure that they have in place a very strict money management system before they sit down to play any slot machine online.

It is nice to win a huge jackpot but these events only happen very rarely so if you are looking for regular winning sessions then set yourself a win goal, this should be a modest amount of around 50% of your bankroll, so if you have $40 to play with then aim to win $20.

This may seem a very modest amount but once you get into the habit of walking away a winner you can raise your win goal in proportion to your bankroll. Also set yourself a stop limit, this again should be 50% of your bankroll, so if you have $40 to play slots with should you get down to just $20 left then call it a day and move one for it is better to walk away with something in your pocket than nothing!

You should only play for stake and coin levels that your bankroll can accommodate quite comfortably, divide your bankroll by 100 and that will be the maximum value of each spin you make, so if you have $50 to play with then play for a maximum spin of 50 cents, if you have $100 to play with then play no more than $1 per spin.

The reason for doing this is to ensure you get at least 100 spins for your money and this is often enough for you to get at least one bonus round triggering per session.


UK slot machines are more commonly known as fruities or fruit machines and these are usually low stake slots with modest jackpots. Due to them being preset to payout a certain percentage they are not really random and therefore can be manipulated.

The most common way to manipulate them is to force the jackpot to spin in, the player does this by simply rejecting all small wins that spin in, they do this by gambling all small wins which are often on a double of nothing basis.

By constantly rejecting all wins the fruit machine will end up in a position whereby to comply with UK regulations it must payout its jackpot to ensure it reaches its preset payout percentage.

There are a great number of professional fruit machine players in the UK and they will wander around playing machines which they know are about to payout. The online fruit machines work similarly to their offline versions but as they offer bigger jackpots and higher stakes it can be quite difficult to force them to payout their jackpots as often.


There is quite a good way for regular slot players to guarantee a winning session, and this is one way for you to ensure that when you feel the time is right you can log into your Microgaming casino and be guaranteed a winning session.

If you do play online slots regularly at Microgaming powered sites then next time you play and trigger a bonus round on their video slots, do not collect it simply exit that particular game, make a note of the games name and move onto another slot.

If you do this on every slot session you have you will have amassed a great number of bonus games that are waiting to be played, as Microgamings software remembers your last game there is no risk of you losing the bonus games they will always be waiting for you when you next log in to play.

Several players love doing this and will often save up any number of bonus games and then whenever they get the urge they log in and play then all off without having to make a deposit safe in the knowledge a winning session is guaranteed!


The new generation of video slots have many different bonus games that you can trigger and it is these that make playing this type of slot game so much fun, as once you get the trigger symbols you can then play the bonus rounds which can be either a free spins round, a picking type game or one of many different types of additional side games.

It is these bonus games that offer the player the chance of some decent sized wins, but one of the best kept secrets is how often do these bonus games, on average, hit.

Well we have done all the hard work for you and have put together the following guide which is based on mapping out all of the reel symbols on each reel and then working out on average when these bonus games should trigger.

We cannot guarantee you will hit the bonus games but we can give you an exact amount of when, on average they should hit, and by carefully adjusting your stakes you will have a good chance of upping your stakes at the right time to have a sporting chance of hitting these bonus games when playing Microgaming slots.

Tomb Raider – This slot game is a legend of a slot and is one of the most played games online, when you trigger the bonus game you get 10 free spins and all wins that spin in are on a x3 multiplier. The average number of spins between each bonus round is 143.

This slot also offers a second bonus game and this is a simple pick the idol game, you get this by lining up 3 bonus symbols on an activated payline and therefore when you play it on maximum lines activated the average number of times between each bonus game is 63.

Thunderstruck – Another of Microgamings all time classic video slots is the Thunderstruck slot and this game offers just 9 pay lines and you can win 15 free spins on a x3 multiplier, the average number of spins between each bonus game is identical to the above slot that being 143 spins.

Halloweenies – This video slot offers not one but two different bonus games, the first is the free spins bonus round and to trigger this you need to get at least three scatter symbols anywhere in view, the average time between spins that this is achieved is 76, which means you should trigger those free spins rounds quite frequently.

The second bonus game is the pick a pumpkin round and this is triggered by getting anywhere in view three pumpkin symbols, the average number of spin between each bonus round is 84, so much like the free spins round this triggers quite frequently.

Twister – This is a 15 pay line slot from Microgaming and this game awards free spins when ever you get anywhere in view 3 or more scatter symbols, the average number of spins between each bonus round s just 94 making it a fairly good bonus video slot game to play.

Tally Ho – This is another one of Microgamings oldest bonus video slots and as such this game will offer you 10 free spins but on a x4 multiplier once you spin in three or more scatter symbols anywhere in view, the average time between each free spins bonus round is 143.

Dog Father – One of the newer video slots from Microgaming this slot offers two different bonus games. The first is of course the very popular free spins bonus round which is triggered once you manage to spin in, anywhere in view at least three or more scatter symbols, the average number of spins between each bonus round is 76.

The second bonus game on the Dog Father slot game is the picking game and this is also triggered by getting anywhere in view three scatter symbols, these being the Fire Hydrant symbols, and the average number of spins between each bonus round is 83.